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Human Resources Headquarters

HR Headquarters - 21st February 2017, Ireland

Recruitment generates a mass of information. Selection decisions are often based on a candidate’s experience, qualifications, aptitude and personality assessment results and their performance in video and face-to-face interviews. Somehow all of the resultant data about your candidates has to be collected, processed, organised and presented – at the right time and in the right format – to help you decide who will perform best in the role. ‘Integration’ is the underlying process which not only connects your different systems, so they can work together and applicant details can move seamlessly between them, it gathers all the decision-relevant information about your candidates into one place, in a way that’s highly automated.

Shortlist - 10th February 2017, Australia

Profiling top performers and assessing candidates for key personality traits much earlier in the recruitment process is slashing employers' time to fill, a psychometrics specialist has found. In a validity study with Swiss company Localsearch, online assessments provider cut-e found the best sales performers exhibited different personality traits to low performers.

HR Dive

HR Dive - 9th February 2017, USA

In the quest for talent, the use of predictive assessments and data analytics aren’t just an option, but rather a necessity for today’s growing organisation. Companies are tasked with using tools to assess candidates' skills and knowledge before they invest too much time in any single one.
In an effort to help companies get a better handle on candidate assessments, cut-e, a global assessment specialty firm, has released a guide to verify if assessments are adding any real value to the organisation.


Airline recruitment trends and challenges and how recruiters are responding

HR Director - 23rd January 2017, UK
Job seekers are attracted to airlines because of their strong brands, the training they provide and the international career opportunities they offer. However, there are four clear characteristics that make airline recruitment unusually challenging, particularly when you’re recruiting flight professionals.

David Barrett explains the key challenges facing airline recruiters - and how to overcome them.

Filip Hrkal from cut-e Czech in Moderní řízení

Hire the people based on their competencies, not age!

Moderní řízení - 17th January 2017, Czech Republic
By the year 2040 every second employee in the Czech Republic (47%) will be over 50 yrs old. In 2063, one third of the population will be more than 65 yrs old. In last two decades though, the largest discrimination on the workforce market, as found by several surveys, was age. It means the companies in CZ still look at certain age categories with a huge disrespect. Select people based on competencies, not based on age, says Filip Hrkal, supported by the opinion of Škoda Auto, Uni Credit bank and Bosh representatives.

Article: Personality Traits can ‘Predict’ who will Succeed in your Organisation

Personality traits can ‘predict’ who will succeed in your organisation

HR Headquarters - 17th January 2017, UK
Top performers in sales roles can sell over 10 times more than low performers, according to a new study. But what makes a top sales performer and can recruiters really identify which applicants are more likely to succeed? One of the most exciting developments in talent management is the use of predictive talent analytics, as these can help you make better talent decisions.

David Barrett explains how predictive talent analytics can help HR teams to make better talent decisions.

Article: ‘Pressure key motivator for expats’ study finds

‘Pressure key motivator for expats’ study finds

Relocate Global - 12th January 2017, USA
Assessment-solutions company, cut-e, has released a report to help employers and HR managers determine ‘success factors’ for expats on international assignments.

A report aimed at identifying the personal characteristics that make for a successful overseas assignee has been published by US assessment specialist company, cut-e. Aimed at helping global companies choose the best people for international assignments, the report - Predicting Who Will be a Successful Expatriate - analyses research from 35 organisations involving assessments from managers, staff and expats themselves.

Article: Personality assessments open the doors to smarter hiring

Personality assessments open the doors to smarter hiring

PeopleManagement - 12th January 2017, UK
Today’s tests move far beyond Myers-Briggs, helping employers to identify candidates with the right traits to cope with on-the-job challenges, writes Dr Katharina Lochner from cut-e.

Personality assessments are a fundamental part of the selection process in many organisations. Whereas an ‘ability’ test – such as a verbal, numerical or logical reasoning test – will show whether a candidate is capable of performing well in a role, a personality questionnaire will reveal how they’re likely to perform. By combining these assessments, recruiters can gain a greater insight into each applicant, enabling them to make a more informed selection decision. But the advantages of personality testing go far beyond this.

Article: Prevent Cheating in Assessments with a ‘Psychometric Fingerprint’

Prevent cheating in assessments with a ‘psychometric fingerprint’

HRHQ - 14th December 2016, UK
The way we process information and respond in assessment tests is as individual as the ridges on our fingertips. We know this because thousands of ‘data points’ are available when someone completes an assessment.

Article: Selecting ‘employees of the future’ at O2

Selecting ‘employees of the future’ at O2

HRZone - 21st November 2016, UK
To combat the competitive challenge of online shopping, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ retailers are having to adapt, by enhancing their in-store service and providing a personalised and compelling customer experience. Recognising this trend, O2 has created two new ‘stores of the future’ in London and Manchester.

cut-e in HR Headquaters

How to avoid bias and adverse impact in recruitment

HR Headquarters - 15th November 2016, UK
Employers are not allowed to apply any requirement or condition that disadvantages job candidates or makes them ineligible for a role, without a justifiable reason. Otherwise it constitutes discrimination. That’s why today’s recruiters are taking practical steps to implement a fair selection process, which gives every applicant an equal chance of success.

David Barrett, COO of cut-e, explains how to make your recruitment process fair for everyone.

Article: Analysing the potential of psychometric fingerprints

HRzone - 10th November 2016, UK
Forensic scientists have been scouring crime scenes since the late 19th century, for one very good reason: our fingerprints are unique. They mark us out and make us identifiable. Psychologists have now discovered that the way we process information and respond in assessment tests is as individual as the ridges on our fingertips. This makes it possible to create a ‘psychometric fingerprint’ of your candidates.

Unlike a digital footprint, which is a record of the ‘trail’ you leave online, a psychometric fingerprint is the information that candidates reveal about themselves when they complete an assessment.

Article: 9 guidelines for a fair selection process that encourages diversity

HumanResources - 9th November 2016, UK
In a new checklist, cut-e has put together 35 guidelines for introducing fair recruitment practices which promote diversity and inclusion, of which we’ve compiled nine below. The document provides advice on conducting an objective job analysis; preparing a fair job description; defining job-related selection criteria; creating non-discriminatory job advertisements; running consistent job interviews and assessment centres, and communicating with candidates.

Dr Achim Preuss, managing director of cut-e, said: “Recruiters know that diversity and inclusion can enhance innovation, adaptability and performance, so they’re keen to appoint a broad range of talented people based on their potential, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, physical abilities, age or religion.”

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onrec - 1st November 2016, UK
Pilot Chesley Sullenberger was hailed as a national hero in the United States when he landed his stricken plane on the Hudson River in 2009, saving the lives of all passengers and crew.

A new report from cut-e, based on a series of studies, empirical findings and theoretical considerations, claims it’s now possible to predict which candidates will make safe and successful pilots. The report identifies the specific abilities, competencies and personality characteristics that pilots need, to master the various tasks and challenges they’ll face in the role. This means that psychometric tests can now be used at an early stage of the recruitment process, to assess for these attributes and to filter out unsuitable applicants.

Article: Ten innovations show the cutting edge of assessment

Howard Grosvenor: Ten innovations show the cutting edge of assessment

HR review - October 24, 2016, UK
There is an increasing demand for assessments that are more distinctive, appealing and effective. This is triggering greater innovation in the assessment industry. With technology offering new possibilities, now is an exciting time for recruiters. Here are ten cutting edge innovations that can help you make bolder use of assessment to achieve your goals.

Eight ways to ensure diversity initiatives are fair - Dr Achim Preuss, Personnel Today

Eight ways to ensure diversity initiatives are fair

Personnel Today - October 17, 2016, UK
After a BBC radio presenter claimed he was sacked for being a white man, is positive discrimination a fair solution to employers’ diversity issues? Dr Achim Preuss looks at eight ways organisations can ensure their selection processes are fair to everyone.

Five Steps to Successful Christmas Recruitment

Five Steps to Successful Christmas Recruitment

HRHeadquarters - 12th October 2016, Ireland
In the run-up to Christmas, the retail and hospitality sectors will be recruiting additional staff to cope with the increased seasonal demand in high street shops, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, bars and restaurants. There will be no shortage of applicants. Almost everyone is eligible for these seasonal roles, so how can you be sure that you’ll recruit the right people?

Another BBC diversity row: white paper says key to diversity is fair testing, not ethnic recruitment quotas

HRnews - 6th October 2016, UK
Diversity and the problems created by positive discrimination at the BBC have again been thrown into the spotlight after Jon Holmes, a BBC presenter, claimed that he was sacked for being a white man.

Rather than positively discriminating to recruit a diverse workforce, which creates headlines and bad press, the onus should be on recruiters to implement measures that are fair and which focus on someone’s ability to do the job, say international talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e. The group has published a new white paper which shows how to conduct fair testing that doesn’t disadvantage potential applicants or discriminate against any group.

Six recruitment challenges that retailers must conquer

Six recruitment challenges that retailers must conquer

HRzone - 4th October 2016, UK
Job seekers have always been attracted to the retail industry because it offers opportunities, variety and flexible working. However, recruiting and retaining the right staff is often tougher in retail than in other sectors because the industry has its own particular characteristics.

David Barrett talks about the six specific challenges that make retail recruitment so demanding.

Article HR Headquaters

Apprenticeships: Lessons from Germany in choosing the right candidates

HRHeadquarters - 20th September 2016, UK
The Department of Education and Skills and the Apprenticeship Council are keen to promote apprenticeships, in order to strengthen the Irish economy, deliver the skills that employers need and to offer young people a viable future. Other European countries are striving to do something similar. One that has got it right is Germany, and the success of their national apprenticeship model is something that we’re all aiming to replicate.

Articel Skills testing and Screening

onrec - August 2016, UK
From gamification to use in careers guidance, the horizons for skills testing are getting broader and broader. Whereas tests themselves are also getting more and more accurate at narrowing down suitable candidates for hire.

Andreas Lohff, CEO of cut-e, contributes to this article and comments on testing trends such as mobile, pre-application assessment and combating fraud.

Five Steps to Achieve Diversity Through Merit-Based Hiring

HRHQ - Human Resources Headquarters - 23rd August 2016, Ireland
Irish employers recognise the need to be diverse and inclusive. This isn’t just for legal compliance or to fulfil a moral obligation, studies show that diverse organisations perform better. A fundamental challenge for today’s employers is therefore to recruit a broad range of talented people based on their potential, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, culture, past personal circumstances, age or religion.

Best way to catch 'em all?

Got to catch 'em all. Why Gamification is the future of recruitment.

Recruitment Grapevine Magazine, August 2016 issue
Recruiters are often accused of collecting candidates faster than a Pokéman Go addict collects rare Pokéman. But could the best way to catch 'em all really be through Gamification? 

Article Personnel Today Gamification in recruitment

Personnel Today - 1st August 2016, UK
As companies endeavour to attract candidates with the right skills, Cath Everett looks at how gamification is helping recruiters select from a more diverse pool of talent. Many companies that have, in the past, pursued an exclusively graduate recruitment policy are now starting to look at school leavers. Others are adopting a more proactive approach to attracting candidates from more diverse communities.

Gamification Pokemongo image

HRHQ - Human Resources Headquarters - 24th July 2016, Ireland
Recruiters are increasingly asking how gamification can help them to differentiate their organisations, raise brand awareness and provide a more immersive candidate experience. But you can’t just introduce a game and expect it to make your recruitment process more enjoyable, because a game ceases to be ‘fun to play’ when a job is at stake. You have to introduce the right ‘gamified assessment’, one that will help you make a fair and objective selection decision. 

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onrec - 14th July 2016, UK
Are you looking to combine gamification and assessment? David Barrett offers seven tips for creating a distinctive gamified assessment.

For decades, employers have used online psychometric assessments to identify the most appropriate candidates in their applicant pool. Now, some recruiters are turning to gamification in a bid to differentiate themselves, raise brand awareness and provide a more immersive candidate experience.

Workplace lessons I learnt from watching TV

HumanResources - 5th July 2016, Singapore
I’ve spent countless weekends binge watching some of my favourite TV shows, and somewhere along the line, I ended up deriving lessons for both work and life from the characters’ imaginary lives. 

Kate Woodley, managing director of international assessment specialist cut-e in Singapore and Australia, calls out an episode where we see Homer and his colleagues at the nuclear power plant disengaged and unhappy under the leadership of Springfield’s resident mogul, Montgomery ‘Monty’ Burns.

HRHQ ten trends in Assessment

Ten trends in assessment that you should know about

HRHQ - Human Resources Headquarters - June 21, 2016, Ireland
Our new report shows that 67% of Irish companies now use online assessments to select, onboard and develop all levels of staff. But assessment isn't standing still. New developments continually occur and anyone working in the talent space needs to know which of these will help them to enhance their effectiveness and make better informed decisions.

Recruitment Buzz - Realistic Job Preview

How a Realistic Job Preview will help recruit the right people

Recruitment Buzz  - June 21, 2016, UK
Today’s job candidates want to know more about the culture and values of your organisation and whether the roles that you have available are right for them. They’re thirsty for information about what’s on offer because making applications can be time-consuming. It’s a major frustration for candidates to invest time and effort on a lengthy application, only to find later on in the selection process that the available role is very different to what they thought it would be.

GoalMind by cut-e

Bosses urged to allow time off so staff can watch Euro 2016 football matches

HRHQ - Human Resources Headquarters - June 08, 2016, Ireland
UK conciliation service Acas launched new guidance to help business leaders prepare for potential issues and avoid workers being given a “red card” for sloping off to catch games during the tournament, which starts on June 10.

Article published 2nd June 2016 on HRnews: When HR plays referee – how good are you?

When HR plays referee – how good are you?

HRnews - June 02, 2016, UK
HR is often called to resolve disputes between line managers and staff, so ahead of the forthcoming UEFA European Championship, assessment company cut-e has created a free ‘gamified assessment’ for HR managers and ‘armchair referees’ to test how good their refereeing skills are. Called the GoalMind challenge, it tests decision making and provides an example of how gamified assessments can be used in recruitment.

the changing role of assessment

What you need to know about the changing role of assessment

changeboard - June 01, 2016, UK
An international study of psychometric assessment that we conducted across 14 countries reveals that HR, recruitment and talent practitioners in 52% of organisations are now using online assessments to recruit, onboard and develop their staff. What’s interesting is that our study highlights that the role that assessment plays in organisations has changed dramatically.

Article published 3 March 2015 on HRzone: Dr Achim Preuss - cut-e Group: Should you offer your assessments on mobile devices?

Should you offer your assessments on mobile devices?

HRzone - May 3, 2016, UK
If you use psychometric assessments to recruit or develop your staff, you’ll no doubt be wondering whether you should offer your tests on mobile devices.

The answer will depend on two questions: will your candidates want to complete assessments via their mobile devices? And will your assessments work effectively in a mobile environment?

cut-e and Bank of Ireland in The Herald

Bank of Ireland launches Talent Rising

The Herald - April 21, 2016, Ireland
Bank of Ireland, in partnership with cut-e, launched Talent Rising, a national programme aimed at delivering high-impact solutions for economic and social challenges faced in Ireland. This programme creates an opportunity for 12 high-performing, early career individuals, to collaborate and create tangible solutions to help address issues of national importance.

cut-e in HRreview

The changing value of assessment

HRreview - 15 April, 2016, UK
Psychometric assessments are adding new value to HR effectiveness, according to cut-e’s latest global benchmark study. We found that 52 percent of organisations worldwide now use online assessment, predominantly when hiring and on-boarding staff but also to identify their learning and development needs. HR teams are also increasingly using the data provided by assessments to make better talent decisions.

cut-e in Hunt Scanlon Media

Leadership Assessment Coming Soon to An iPhone Near You

Hunt Scanlon Media - April 14, 2016, UK
There’s a new twist coming to talent assessment — a service pioneered and largely perfected by executive search firm Egon Zehnder decades ago in Europe. What’s on the way is likely to shake up the well-established ‘evaluations’ business popularized by Zehnder and its headhunting rivals and could set off a new wave of competition in the increasingly expansive leadership solutions sector.

cut-e in Human Resources Headquarters

How can Psychometric Assessment enable development and training of talent?

Human Resources Headquarters - April 11, 2016, Ireland
In this article David Barrett, Chief Operating Officer of global assessment specialist cut-e, looks at some of the key industry trends and explain how talent managers can harness assessments to get the most out of their people.

cut-e Global Assessment Barometer Report in HRmagazine

Confidence in psychometric assessments rises

HRmagazine - April 7, 2016, UK
The largest rise in the use of psychometric testing has been for employee development activities.
Confidence in psychometric testing is continuing to rise globally, fuelled by growth in developing markets, according to a study by international assessment specialist cut-e. The Global Assessment Barometer asked 2,776 HR, recruitment and talent practitioners across 14 countries for their views.

cut-e in PRNewswire

HR's quest to predict success and get meaningful talent data fuels growth in online assessment, claims global study

PRNewswire - April 6, US
HR and recruitment teams around the world are increasingly using online assessments to predict which candidates will be successful in the role and to enhance their talent strategy with assessment analytics, according to a study by international assessment specialist cut-e. The Global Assessment Barometer 2016 report provides a snapshot of the key issues and trends in psychometric assessment.

cut-e Online Assessment

Online Assessment: how have psychometric assessments evolved?

Magazine of the Irish Institute of Training and Development, Spring 2016 edition, Ireland

How have psychometric assessments evolved? cut-e outlines key industry trends and explains how talent managers can harness assessments to get the most out of their people. But what does that mean exactly and what does that look like in businesses?

Mobile control: Candidate expectations are driving new assessment techniques, David Barrett, cut-e Ireland

Mobile control: candidate expectations are driving new assessment techniques

The Global Recruiter - March 2016, UK
Candidate expectations are driving mobile assessment and pre-application testing, says David Barrett, COO cut-e Group. Today’s talented candidates are increasingly using their mobile devices not only to search for jobs online but also to submit applications.

It’s no secret that if you want to recruit the best people, you need a mobile hiring strategy.

Selecting apprentices: lessons we can learn from Germany, Howard Grosvenor, cut-e UK

Selecting apprentices: lessons we can learn from Germany

Personnel Today - March 14, 2016, UK
As National Apprenticeship Week begins, Howard Grosvenor, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Director of Professional Services for international assessment specialist cut-e, looks at how German companies are selecting apprentices by supporting candidates to identify and apply for the right programme.

Siemens puts teen mobile talent assessments to the test

Siemens puts teen mobile talent assessments to the test

Diginomica - March 16, 2016, US
Siemens offers around 120 different apprentice programs – a variety that can be overwhelming for applicants who may have little insight into their strengths. So how does a potential applicant know to which programme he or she is best suited?

To help this choice, cut-e developed the job navigator tool Jona™ for Siemens comprising a series of tests and assessments.

Article: Psychometrics in 2016 - a panacea for all?

Psychometrics in 2016 - a panacea for all?

OnRec - February 2016 issue, page 24, UK
Psychometrics has a huge remit now- engaging passive candidates with games as well as sifting through applicants objectively, portraying employer brand, building teams, helping career development- how can they really do all this?

Are they a panacea to solve all your recruiting ills? Our experts tell us more about their potential.

Article: Mobile assessment - make it fair for everyone, Dr Achim Preuss - cut-e Group

Achim Preuss: mobile assessment – make it fair for everyone

HRreview - February 2, 2016, UK
If you were asked to complete an online assessment test, would you take it via your computer, your tablet or your smartphone? The answer for most people would be the computer. But with the exciting prospect of mobile assessment, this could be about to change.

In today’s organisations, there’s a clamour to make everything accessible via mobile devices. Recruitment is no exception.

Corporate scandals: how HR can help avoid them, Dr Achim Preuss, cut-e Group

Corporate scandals: how HR can help avoid them

HRzone - December 18, 2015, UK
The diesel emissions scandal that’s rocking the automotive world is the latest reminder of the damage that can be done to corporate reputations - by unscrupulous individuals and rogue teams in any organisation. 

The key question for HR is: can this behaviour be prevented? Dr Achim Preuss provides answers about how integrity testing can and should be used. 

cut-e and Elkjøp in OrgVue

HR Interventions with Impact: How a retailer gained €12.3m through better recruiting

OrgVue, May 27, 2015
For this series of blogs about the impact of HR, there'll be shared some key case studies of businesses that measure the value of their HR inputs and show results in numbers. First up is consumer electronics retailer Elkjøp and its recruitment advisor, a recruitment analytics firm called cut-e.

cut-e in

Gamification: The future of talent profiling - March 22, 2014, UK
Psychometric evaluations provide decision makers with quick, simple and cost-effective methods of talent selection. However, the advent of social media created an issue not many saw coming. Quick and easy online sharing and posting of information from these psychometric tests by people who had access to them, amplified issues faced by tool providers who were generally behind in technology and substance.

cut-e article CEO Today

Improve your HR decisions with online psychometric assessment

CEO TODAY, April 2010

It is hard to differentiate between the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ among the myriad of recruitment and selection services and tools and instruments offered today. Andreas Lohff, founder and director of the cut-e Group, explains where online psychometrics can add the most value and how to avoid instrument selection pitfalls.

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