Fact sheet shows how to engage and attract best-fit applicants with a Realistic Job Preview

cut-e Press Release Fact Sheet


International assessment specialist cut-e has published a fact sheet outlining six steps to help recruiters create a Realistic Job Preview (RJP).

“Today’s applicants want to know more about the role and the culture of an organisation before they apply,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e. “A Realistic Job Preview is an interactive questionnaire that sits on your careers site and shows some of the day-to-day challenges and tasks of the role. This helps browsing candidates to make an informed choice about whether or not they’re suited to the job and it encourages those who align with your culture and values to apply.”

According to an international study conducted by cut-e across 14 countries, 22% of employers now use Realistic Job Previews to engage and attract more suitable applicants.

An RJP allows you to engage with browsing candidates early in the recruitment process and it leaves a positive impression,” said Dr Preuss. “Allowing applicants to self-assess their suitability benefits you and them: they don’t waste time applying for roles they’re unsuited to and you get better-fit applicants who have realistic expectations about the role. Research shows that candidates who have a better understanding of a job tend to stay longer.”

cut-e’s fact sheet highlights the importance of conducting a thorough job analysis to identify the characteristics that will bring success in the role. This involves working with current job holders, interviewing managers about performance ratings and talking with other stakeholders to determine typical scenarios that arise in the role and the key skills and behaviours required.

“Using the information and scenarios from the job analysis, you can design and develop an engaging RJP that will showcase your culture, highlight the reality of the role, reflect your brand, provide a positive candidate experience and appeal to the right people,” said Dr Preuss. “It’s important to test and retest your question items and to ensure you have the technology and processes in place to keep your RJP accessible at all times via smartphones, tablets and desktops.”

Read cut-e’s advice on creating an RJP - as well as case examples outlining how employers such as easyJet, Flydubai, Lidl and Sunglass Hut have developed successful Realistic Job Previews: www.cut-e.com/online-assessment/realistic-job-previews/

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