New book examines the impact of emotions on ability test performance

cut-e Press Release New Book How Emotions Drive Cognitive Performance


Our emotions affect the way we think, so how much will a candidate’s emotions affect their performance in an online ability test? With the growth of online assessment for personnel selection and development, this is an interesting question. A new book aims to provide the definitive answer.

Written by Dr Katharina Lochner, cut-e’s research director, Successful Emotions: How Emotions Drive Cognitive Performance, is available from Amazon and other bookstores. It is published by Springer

Dr Lochner provides an overview of online assessment and highlights models of intelligence, mood and emotion, and outlines how emotion and cognition interact. She then presents the results of a study which examines how distinct emotional states (including joy, anger, contentment and sadness) impact performance on one of cut-e’s online cognitive ability tests.

“If you take an online ability assessment, the results should be objective, reliable and valid,” said Dr Lochner. “But what happens if you’re in a good or a bad mood, will this affect your performance in the test? We conducted an in-depth study to measure the impact of emotions on ability test performance. HR and recruitment teams that use ability tests will be interested in the conclusions and implications that are highlighted in this new book.”

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