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Online Assessment Practice Page


This site helps you prepare for the Rolls-Royce online assessment process by providing information and opportunities to practice our online assessments.

Please read IMPORTANT INFORMATION - HELP AND TIPS FOR ONLINE ASSESSMENTS before completing the online tests as it contains lots of information to help you perform at your best. It also contains solutions to many of our most common queries we receive regarding the assessments.

You have been asked to complete a number of online assessments. You can find out more about the different assessments you have been asked to complete by clicking the links below.

If you are applying for a Graduate, Higher Apprentice, or Intern role, click here

If you are applying for an Apprentice role, click here


If you have a disability, require special adjustments for your online assessments or if you are uncertain whether you can participate in an online assessment, the best approach is to contact Rolls-Royce@cut-e.com and they will be able to discuss your individual requirements. When contacting cut-e, please ensure that your email contains the following details:


  • Your Full Name
  • The email address you used to apply for the position
  • The name of the role you applied for
  • Your Support Code (Apprentices: 3841-77829 / Eng roles based outside the US: 3841-77831 / Non-Eng roles based outside the US: 3841-77832 / US Eng roles: 3841-77833 / US Non-Eng roles: 3841-77834)
  • The location in which you currently reside
  • Times over the next 24 hours which would suit for cut-e to contact you (please quote times in UK time)
  • An outline of your special requirement or query
  • An Educational Psychologist report detailing your special requirements


Should you have special requirements, please do not start the online assessments until instructed by Rolls-Royce@cut-e.com 

For all other technical queries related to the online tests, please email Rolls-Royce@cut-e.com or for all other queries, please contact Earlycareer.Applications@Rolls-Royce.com

To visit the Rolls-Royce application homepage, click here