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At cut-e we love bringing innovative psychometrics, leading edge talent technology and brilliant people together to help our clients directly attract, screen, select, develop, promote and retain great people.

Take on the cut-e challenge. We would love to have you join us on the journey.

Find out what Outcome Health, Parks and Resorts, Deutsche Bahn, Galp Energia, Sacyr, Securitas Direkt and Vodafone think of cut-e.

What cuties say about cut-e

In simple terms: we enjoy being the best at what we do, doing great and interesting work, having fun, and of course making money. We have asked our colleague what they like about working for cut-e.

cut-e currently has 300 staff in 35 locations across 5 continents and we are only getting started.

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Colleague voices

"There are so many opportunities in lots of different markets. cut-e is really open to supporting your learning and development."

Suzanne Courtney, Interim Managing Director Australia

"I’m looking forward to spending every day dedicated to what I like most and that is where I am now. You are working in an environment where there is a real product and a real added value."

Richard Justenhoven, Product Director

"During my job interview I liked what they told me about cut-e and just – you know when you have that good feeling about the people which made me want of the spirit more."Rose Freeman, Senior Consultant UAE

"If you are willing to invest and to actually get something done within the company you will get rewarded a lot by getting responsibility and by getting things done. This is something I really enjoy."

Johannes Hegemann, Consultant Ireland

"If you like change and new challenges, cut-e is the perfect place to work at."

Lena Justenhoven, Senior Consultant

"If you join cut-e, I think you join a lot of passionate people and employees - passionate about what they do and what they search for in terms of psychometrics."Charlotte Delacriox, Marketing Manager France

"At cut-e you have the opportunity to be an expert in many areas and it offers a lot of flexibility. You travel around a lot and go through a lot of different experiences in a lot of different industries."Kevin Rutherford, Consultant USA

"The whole experience together, the time I’ve spent here, the challenges I had – all of that makes it great to be here."

Thorsten Blank, IT Consultant

"You get really good opportunities to grow yourself, grow your own skill sets and to meet a lot of really good people. I think it’s always been said that at cut-e you get to have fun and you get to do good work and it has been so true."

Simon Foley, Sales Enablement Director

"The people are amazing, the tools are amazing, the travel is amazing. All of the clients that you work with are very innovative, they all do really exciting projects."

Amy Woodley-Davis, Marketing Manager UK

"We have so many innovations at cut-e so I want to see what can we do with all those innovations regarding new types of tests, new types of reports, dashboards, everything."Björn Elowson, Consultant Sweden

"There is a really nice atmosphere at cut-e. Everybody is really nice and welcoming and you have very different tasks every day."Antonia Schmidt, Research Assistant

"I feel that the company is believing in you and you get a lot of responsibility from the beginning. Even though I have only been here for a couple of months I am already doing a lot of things I never thought I would be able to do within the first years."Lukas Levay, Consultant Sweden

"What you see in cut-e is that the people that you work with are exceptional. All are very talented and all are willing to help, share their experiences and really pass on their knowledge and that is what makes you in a lot of ways advance faster than is usual in other companies." John McLaughlin, Commercial Director

"It is a really exciting time to be with an organisation: you get to see so many different aspects, you get to be involved in so many different projects. I think that’s probably the main thing that I respect and love about cut-e."

Kate Scapens, Professional Services Director UAE

"There has been a lot of exciting stuff for me, even just looking back. Looking at some of the clients that have been handed to me in the relatively short time that I have been here, it was quite exciting."

Cormac Martin, Consultant Ireland

"I think exciting times are coming, so I am looking forward to growing globally with this company."Marta Nieto, Marketing Executive Ireland

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