Employee Stories

We are all individual people with separate stories about who we are, what we have done and what we want to do. We are all individuals but we share a common goal - to bring our clients the most innovative psychometrics and talent technology in order to inform their people decisions.

The shared common cut-e values of being smart, valid and preferred bind us together, although our contributions are both individual and unique.
Find out about some of our people and hear their stories.

Focus on client relationships

Kate Scapens

Kate came through a referral to cut-e. She now works as Professional Services Director in UAE. She takes care of the client management and does trainings for the consultants.

"You get to see so many different aspects, you get to be involved in so many different projects. That is the main thing that I respect and love about cut-e."

Kate Scapens
Professional Services Director UAE

From intern to consultant

Cormac Martin

Cormac started at cut-e as a three-months intern as he was writing his master thesis in Work and Organisational Psychology at DCU Dublin. He then continued to work full-time for cut-e as a consultant.

"There has been a lot of exciting stuff for me, even just looking back. Looking at some of the clients that have been handed to me in the relatively short time that I have been here, it was quite exciting."

Cormac Martin
Consultant Ireland

Finding the best talent strategy

Björn Elowson

Björn works in Stockholm as a consultant. He talks with clients about how to improve their processes and together with them finds the best talent strategy using cut-e assessments.

"We have so many innovations at cut-e so I want to see what can we do with all those innovations regarding new types of tests, new types of reports, dashboards, everything."

Björn Elowson
Consultant Sweden

App-developer at cut-e

Thorsten Blank

Thorsten started as allround-IT-guy and has been mainly responsible for the development of the cut-e App. He is part of our big IT Team based in Hamburg.

"The whole experience together, the time I’ve spent here, the challenges I had – all of that makes it great to be here."

Thorsten Blank
IT Consultant

Working abroad

Johannes Hegemann

Johannes started to write his master thesis about construct validation of one of the cut-e tests. He now works as a psychology consultant in our Office in London.

"If you are willing to invest and to actually get something done within the company you will get rewarded a lot by getting responsibility and by getting things done. This is something I really enjoy."

Johannes Hegemann
Consultant UK

Every day is different

Suzanne Courtney

Suzanne started 2011 in Loughrea and has since then worked in our offices in Dublin, Singapore and Australia. She is now leading our UK team in London as Managing Director.

"cut-e is really open to supporting your learning and development."

Suzanne Courtney
Managing Director UK

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At cut-e, we love bringing innovative psychometrics, leading edge talent technology and brilliant people together to help our clients.

Each job in each area of the company adds to our success. We offer everyone the opportunity to contribute towards, to develop and to grow our company.

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