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Suzanne Courtney: How to attract and select great graduates

HR review - 5th October 2018, UK

In the face of fierce competition to find the right talent, today’s graduate recruiters are striving to make their assessment and selection processes shorter, more focused and more engaging. Here are five essential tips to help you to stand out from the crowd:

Cut the time of your graduate assessment centres with virtual exercises

The Student Employer - 12th July 2018,

Assessment centres can be shorter and more efficient if candidates undertake individual case study exercises virtually and in advance, says Suzanne Courtney. If you’ve recently completed your annual graduate recruitment cycle, you’re probably already thinking about how to improve the process next year. One area worth focusing on is your assessment centre.

Graduate Recruitment: Is It All A Game?

Insights at Work - 6th April 2018,

You’ve graduated from a four-year degree and decide to apply for a role in a graduate programme. You’re excited to showcase the skills you have learned and apply them in a real-life business context. You’re asked to complete an online assessment as part of the application process. The assessment is a game in which you must control a robot to shoot numerous flying objects. Your fate in landing your first professional job lies in the result of this game and you wonder: Is this the right way to test your abilities for the role?

Logo HR review

Hannah Crawley: Graduates need an escape from traditional assessment

HR review - 7th February 2018, UK

At Nationwide, we’ve enhanced our graduate selection process to help us recruit 65 graduates each year, from 3,000 applicants, who can hit the ground running, work effectively in teams and become our future leaders. We’ve introduced new screening tests and a redesigned assessment centre which includes an innovative ‘escape room’ challenge that assesses relevant competencies and behaviours. Our new selection process is engaging and scientifically-robust – and it has already proved successful.

The Future Of Candidate Assessment: How you will meet your talent needs in 2022

HR.com - 14th September 2017,
It’s the year 2022 and Jill is graduating from university in a few months and is just starting to think about her career opportunities. She wasn’t considering your organization, however your artificial recruitment agent, Sam, notices that Jill is graduating soon and identifies her as a prospect.

Dr Achim Preuss, CTO of cut-e, in AGR MAgazine

Three graduate assessment tech trends

AGR Magazine - 19th April 2017, UK

Three developments in graduate assessment will make recruiters' lives easier, says Dr Achim Preuss, co-founder and chief technology officer of international talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e.

cut-e offers online assessment for the aviation industry

Airline recruitment trends and challenges and how recruiters are responding

HR Director - 23rd January 2017, UK

Job seekers are attracted to airlines because of their strong brands, the training they provide and the international career opportunities they offer. However, there are four clear characteristics that make airline recruitment unusually challenging, particularly when you’re recruiting flight professionals. David Barrett explains the key challenges facing airline recruiters – and how to overcome them.

cut-e and Bank of Ireland in The Herald

Bank of Ireland launches Talent Rising

The Herald - 21st April 2016, Ireland
Bank of Ireland, in partnership with cut-e, launched Talent Rising, a national programme aimed at delivering high-impact solutions for economic and social challenges faced in Ireland. This programme creates an opportunity for 12 high-performing, early career individuals, to collaborate and create tangible solutions to help address issues of national importance.

Article "Siemens puts teen mobile talent assessments to the test", published on Diginomica, March 16, 2016

Siemens puts teen mobile talent assessments to the test

Diginomica - 16th March 2016, USA
Siemens offers around 120 different apprentice programs – a variety that can be overwhelming for applicants who may have little insight into their strengths. So how does a potential applicant know to which programme he or she is best suited? To help this choice, cut-e developed the job navigator tool Jona™ for Siemens comprising a series of tests and assessments.

Dark matter in the business world – The importance of the stuff we don’t see

MDI - 21st October 2013, UK

Howard Grosvenor, Director of Professional Services at cut-e UK writes about what important information is missing when just looking at the successful. How can a good look at unsuccessfulness, the dark matter, help companies make better selection decisions?

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