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Within a few years of being founded, cut-e has established itself as the most innovative provider of online assessment for HR diagnostics on the web. 

Creative item formats, user-friendly reporting and rigorous scientific evaluation characterize the solutions provided by cut-e and ensure our client's success.

Today cut-e handles over 12 million candidate assessments each year, and supports the HR decisions of an impressive list of major companies and organizations worldwide by providing reliable, meaningful information.

Achieving growth through synergy

In May 2017, cut-e has been acquired by global professional services firm Aon. This is in line with cut-e’s strategy to continue our growth globally and ensure we can provide our clients with the best products and services available on the market. In this article Andreas Lohff, CEO of cut-e, explains the background to this acquisition and the implications and benefits for our employees and clients.

What we do

  • Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced ‘cute’) provides online tests, questionnaires and gamified assessments.
  • In May 2017, global professional services firm Aon plc acquired cut-e and integrated the company into its global talent solution.
  • cut-e and Aon undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

"At cut-e we recruit smart people and build clever products. All our instruments are highly valid. We value our clients; our clients prefer cut-e." explains Andreas Lohff, Founder and Co-director of the cut-e Group.

Our values: smart. valid. preferred.

At cut-e, we deeply believe that psychometrics can create personal and organizational benefits that no other means can deliver. We focus on creating innovative approaches to manifest these benefits for our clients and the people we assess.

Putting clients first 

Everything we do is driven by client demands. Customer service to us means identifying our clients' needs and providing the optimum solution for these. Building strong client relationships and advising our clients, not preaching at them, to deliver clear value for money, sets us apart from our competitors.

Break away from tradition

To break away from tradition, improve on standard approaches and create more valuable, more effective ways of measuring human factors is a major driving force for us. We welcome unconventional ideas and are always prepared to learn and grow together with our clients.

Personal and professional integrity is paramount

At cut-e, personal and professional integrity is paramount. We treat people with fairness and respect. We create learning and development opportunities. We focus on skills, knowledge and thought leadership, not hierarchy. And we have fun when we work.

Highest scientific standard

All our tools are developed to the highest scientific standards. Our measurement is reliable, objective and valid. We continuously research and improve our tools. We cooperate with our clients and selected universities on psychometric research projects.

How we achieve our innovation


  • Monitoring trends and the market. Our global Assessment Barometer monitors assessment trends across the world and the key HR and talent challenges facing organisations. We monitor academic research and distil the most interesting in the ScienceBlog - to inspire HR practice. The results feed into our development programme. 
  • Feedback from clients, candidates and those not using our tools. We talk with Talent Professionals and discuss assessment at conferences, webinars, client events and via our own feedback tools. 
  • Working with universities. Our commitment to building relationships with academic and research institutions is strong. They carry out research independently using our tools and our Academic Research Portal supports their work. 
  • Testing out new technology. Technological advances afford new opportunities for assessment. Whether in terms of mobile assessmenttechnical integration or gamified assessments, we apply, test out and incorporate into our systems when the technology creates a shift in the ease of use or application and adds value to the assessment process. We know that technology impacts psychometrics and test and report on this.
  • Our international Research Team and research agenda are core to the business. Our team, based in-house, works with clients on their assessment needs today and works on the future assessment agenda for tomorrow. 
  • Sharing our learning and gaining peer-review. We present regularly at academic conferences and submit articles to academic journals to test the robustness of our work and to pioneer best practice in Online psychometrics.

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