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Seven steps to minimise ‘adverse impact’ when hiring

Seven Steps to Minimise ‘Adverse Impact’ When Hiring - HR Headquarters

HRHQ - 18th October 2017, Ireland
Every applicant should have an equal chance to do their best in your selection process. However, we all have different skills, different values and different preferences. This means that some degree of adverse impact will inevitably exist in every recruitment process. The question is whether it is defendable. Read more about how to minimise 'adverse impact' when hiring in David Barretts article.

Recruiting side-by-side with robots

Recruiting side-by-side with robots - David Barrett, CCO at cut-e in HR Headquarters

HRHQ - 28th September 2017, Ireland
There’s a growing concern that robots will ‘take over’ jobs in many organisations. However, in recruitment, the likelihood is that humans and robots will work side-by-side in the future – and recruiters should welcome, not fear, this possibility. Read more about this topic in the article by David Barrett, CCO at cut-e.

How to prevent cheating in online assessment

HR zone - 20th September 2017, UK
When online psychometric testing was first introduced in the 1990s, it was estimated that 10% of job applicants attempted to cheat in their tests. That figure has since been greatly reduced as test providers and employers have taken direct measures to counter specific tactics. Read about them in this article.

Choose the right candidates for international postings

HR Director - Choosing the right candidate

HR Director - 18th September 2017, UK
Sending employees to live and work abroad enhances their cross-cultural experience and helps multinational organisations to improve their global coordination. Richard Justenhoven is Product Development Director at international talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e.

Do the right thing

The Global Recruiter - 15th September 2017, UK
How to avoid adverse impact? Richard Justenhoven, Product Development Director at cut-e, on an approach that protects recruiters from discrimination claims.

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