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Contact centres: how to recruit and retain high performing agents

Five steps to help contact centres to identify, select and retain talented agents are available in a new insight guide from cut-e.

Called ‘Recruiting special agents’, the guide provides best practice advice to help contact centre recruiters to hire the right people, differentiate their employer brand, engage candidates and improve the efficiency of their selection process.

“Many people who apply for agent positions in contact centres are unsuited to the job,” said Andreas Lohff of cut-e. “This guide explains how to attract, recruit and retain ‘right fit’ agents and how you can save time and resources in recruitment.”

The guide outlines how technology can optimise the selection process and cut the time-to-hire. “Integrating systems such as your Applicant Tracking System and HR Information System can create efficiencies,” said Andreas Lohff. “It also enables you to mine and utilise employee data in ways that weren’t possible before. This opens the door to a wealth of new talent analytics that can further improve your recruitment, increase sales and help you to avoid the disruption of hiring the wrong people.”

cut-e in the media

Are you ready for the digital future?

Lena Justenhoven, Senior Consultant at cut-e, an Aon Company, in HR Director

HR Director - 28th July 2018, UK

Yesterday's way of working is no longer an option in today's fast-paced, technology-fuelled business environment. In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, the demands on employees are changing. Is your organisation ready to cope with the digital future? New competencies are needed if your organisation is to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Is mediocrity all you can hope for in recruitment?

Andreas Lohff from cut-e, an Aon company, in HR review on mediocrity in recruitment

HR review - 25th July 2018, UK

Recruitment is an expensive proposition for any organisation. As well as your direct recruitment costs, you have to factor in the ‘cost’ of involving hiring managers and other operational teams in the interview process, or in running assessment centres. There’s also the expense of training a new recruit to get them up-to-speed. So can you really justify the cost of enhancing your selection process with personality, ability and situational judgment tests?

Smartphones are leading the way in assessment

David Barrett from cut-e, an Aon company, in HRHQ

HRHQ - 24th July 2018, Ireland

In psychometric assessment, mobile delivery has become the number one priority. Today’s employers increasingly want to allow applicants to take assessments via their phones, particularly in high volume recruitment situations.

How to become an HR trendsetter

Richard Justenhoven, Product Director at cut-e, an Aon company, in HR zone

HR zone - 20th July 2018, UK

If you're looking to get ahead of the curve in the HR industry, you need to look beyond what's happening in the HR space itself.

Cut the time of your graduate assessment centres with virtual exercises

The Student Employer - 12th July 2018,

Assessment centres can be shorter and more efficient if candidates undertake individual case study exercises virtually and in advance, says Suzanne Courtney. If you’ve recently completed your annual graduate recruitment cycle, you’re probably already thinking about how to improve the process next year. One area worth focusing on is your assessment centre.

cut-e scienceBlog

Telephone and video interviewing: limitations and advancements

telephone and video interviewing

The use of digital technology to improve employee selection processes such as interviewing has advanced considerably over the past decade. Without doubt, telephone and online video interviewing offers time and resource savings for both candidate and the hiring manager. But how do telephone and video interviews impact applicant reactions and interviewer ratings? Nikki Blacksmith, Jon […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

Behaviour in open plan offices: less email, more face-to-face talking?

working behaviour in open plan office space

For years there has been a shift away from single private, cubicles – and offices-with-walls – towards more open plan office space. Driven by costs and the desire to create a more collaborative and face-to-face working environment, physical barriers are coming down. But how does this impact the way we work? Do we see a […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

How does hierarchy in a team impact team effectiveness?

team effectiveness

In almost every organisation, people need to work closely and effectively to create value and deliver the group objectives. Consequently the area of team effectiveness is widely studied and researched. We know that team effectiveness is born from a number of conditions: clear, defined and shared goals; strong communication; a recognition of the part each […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

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