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Protect your Organisation from Dark Triad job candidates

HRHQ - 12th January 2018, Ireland
Three specific personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy – combine to form what’s known as the Dark Triad. Each of us has elements of these traits in our personality but HR teams should guard against job candidates who have high levels of all three traits. Those candidates may seem perfectly suited to the role but actually they’re more likely to engage in deviant or counterproductive behaviour.

Recruitment practices must change to protect the personal data of job candidates

HRHQ - 12th January 2018, Ireland
cut-e recommends that employers take proactive steps to: review their data collection processes to ensure that the purpose of the data is clear and legally compatible; enhance their internal data processing activities, to ensure personal data is processed lawfully and transparently; review their data transfer practices with subcontractors and service providers; understand how they can use aspects such as data encryption and the automated profiling of individuals for talent analytics purposes; introduce new data documentation measures for auditing, monitoring and evaluation, and design training programmes and resources to ensure employee compliance.

Could an ‘intelligent assistant’ help you hire the best candidate?

Personnel Today - 10th January 2018, UK
We now have more insights at our fingertips than ever to find the perfect candidate. Predictive algorithms can trawl through masses of data and examine multiple variables to provide detailed and specific insights on candidates that human recruiters might overlook.

Why your Finance Director should care about assessment

HR Director - 23rd December 2017, UK
Employee assessment has traditionally been an HR issue. Finance Directors have paid it scant attention, apart from possibly reviewing a cost-benefit case prepared by recruiters and sanctioning the spend. But now there’s a very pressing reason why financial controllers – and other senior managers – should pay much greater attention to assessment.

Reduce accidents by testing the disposition of your drivers

cut-e in OnRec

onrec - 14th December 2017, UK
Anyone who drives for a living - whether it’s a train, tram, lorry, bus, coach, ferry, motorboat, taxi, limousine, community vehicle or delivery van - has a fundamental responsibility for the safety of their passengers or cargo and their vehicles. Recruiters can now predict whether candidates for driving jobs are likely to be safe and vigilant in the role, says Richard Justenhoven.

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The ‘broker’ between groups at work

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