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Contact centres: how to recruit and retain high performing agents

Five steps to help contact centres to identify, select and retain talented agents are available in a new insight guide from cut-e.

Called ‘Recruiting special agents’, the guide provides best practice advice to help contact centre recruiters to hire the right people, differentiate their employer brand, engage candidates and improve the efficiency of their selection process.

“Many people who apply for agent positions in contact centres are unsuited to the job,” said Andreas Lohff of cut-e. “This guide explains how to attract, recruit and retain ‘right fit’ agents and how you can save time and resources in recruitment.”

The guide outlines how technology can optimise the selection process and cut the time-to-hire. “Integrating systems such as your Applicant Tracking System and HR Information System can create efficiencies,” said Andreas Lohff. “It also enables you to mine and utilise employee data in ways that weren’t possible before. This opens the door to a wealth of new talent analytics that can further improve your recruitment, increase sales and help you to avoid the disruption of hiring the wrong people.”

cut-e in the media

Seven ‘people analytics’ tips that can transform HR

Personnel Today - Logo

Personnel Today - 19th June 2018, UK

People analytics can revolutionise the way you recruit, develop, engage and retain your staff, says Richard Justenhoven.

People analytics is a relatively new concept for many CHROs. Finance and marketing teams have been using analytics for years to monitor the performance of the business - and to track and predict customer buying patterns. Now, the benefits of ‘big data’ can be applied to people challenges, from recruitment and development to performance management, engagement, compensation, workforce planning and retention. Doing this can transform the effectiveness of organisations. However, too many HR teams are missing out on this opportunity because they don’t know how to capitalise on the data they have available.

Five Signs of Successful Volume Recruitment

HRHQ - 28th May 2018, Ireland

Employees in your frontline sales, service and support roles are hugely important for your business, as they’ll personify your brand for your customers. Here are five tell-tale signs that will reveal whether or not you’re successfully recruiting for these roles.

More than a ticking the right box exercise

Gulf News - 17th May 2018,

In HR evaluations, psychometric tests cannot come up with all the answers. People tick boxes on a daily basis — to ensure they have achieved or completed a certain task on simple to-do lists, such as picking up the weekly shopping. Others use checklists for more significant decisions such as choosing a field of study, career, or even a life partner.

What distinguishes good gamification from bad?

What distinguishes good gamification from bad? - Richard Justenhoven in HR Zone

HR zone - 9th May 2018, UK

There’s an ongoing debate in the recruitment industry about the relative merits of gamified assessments versus game-based assessments. Read here which comes out as the winner.

A more rewarding way to select top graduates

The Student Employer - 8th May 2018,

Hannah Crawley, occupational psychologist at Nationwide, explains the company's new selection process: "Our Emerging Talent programmes have traditionally focused on recruiting candidates with core competencies such as teamwork, agility and problem solving. Degree-wise, we looked at candidates who had a 2.1 or above as an entry criteria. Our aim has always been to identify positive, productive candidates who fit our values and have strengths that will support our strategic direction. This year, we set ourselves the challenge of taking a fresh approach to the way we identify and assess prospective talent."

cut-e scienceBlog

Identifying innovation in employees

identifying innovation

Creativity and innovation can help organisations to flourish, beat the competition and adapt to changing markets. But helping to spot those capable of approaching challenges in that way has, traditionally, been possible only through one of two methods: Using an assessment of creativity that, because of the need for objective scoring and benchmarking, requires in-depth […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

Motivated reasoning: are you a ‘scout’ or a ‘soldier’?

motivated reasoning

In her TedTalk, Julia Galef looks at how two very different mindsets, or our motivated reasoning, impact the way in which we use information and take a decision. We think we’re being objective when we make judgements and predictions based on the information we have. But, she argues, the motivated reasoning that we bring to […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

Can there be ‘too much fun’ when we include games in the assessment process?

gamification in recruitment

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growth in the number of organisations seeking out more applicant-engaging and innovative ways of helping to decide which candidates to hire. Some of these new ways include the use of ‘games’ within the assessment process or the gamification of the assessments themselves. They can, and do, include […]

This post first appeared on the cut-e scienceBlog. Click to read more related posts.

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