Do you know the digital readiness of your people?

Digital competence is becoming increasingly important. Are you ahead of the curve on this? Do you need to:

  • Re-design your hiring process to enable you to spot the digitally competent?
  • Re-engineer your recruitment to reduce time-to-hire and keep the competition away from the best talent?
  • Understand the role that the digitally competent can play in developing your senior leaders through reverse mentoring?
  • Attract applicants who previously may not have considered you as an employer of choice?

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How to recognise the digitally competent

To succeed in today's workplace, employees need a new set of digital competencies.

Traditional capabilities such as communicating and collaborating with others, working effectively within diverse teams and being open to differing opinions, is acquired and developed through face-to-face interaction. Nowadays, collaboration and cooperation is established remotely and through the use of technologies.

And that significant shift in how we build rapport, trust and a working relationship requires a different set of behaviours and attitudes - and that means a different set of characteristics to be assessed and developed. 

Our research-based and practice-proven Digital Competency Profile highlights the 12 specific digital competencies which are essential in today’s workplaces. You can now assess these competencies and a candidate's preferred work style through a combination of our personality questionnaire and a multitasking ability test. 

Hiring the digitally competent at Vodafone

Hear how Vodafone used cut-e’s Digital Competency Framework and a redesign of their hiring process to reduce time-to-hire and guarantee those with digital competence are recruited and developed.  To update its senior managers, Vodafone Iberia created the role of the Digital Ninja; an employee with advanced digital competence who could reverse mentor those in the business wanting to keep abreast of real-world customer product usage.

Read the full case study here

Digital Competency Profile

Developed to address how people work within digital environments, the Digital Competency Profile combines the assessment of personality, work style and potential with the way in which the digitally talent collaborate and cooperate with others. It comprises 12 competencies arranged into four areas of Explorer, Socializer, Achiever and Thinker - as well as a Virtual Teamwork Index.

To help focus the hiring manager on the essential elements of the digital competencies of a candidate, a report is instantly generated based on individual's scores. 

It highlights the areas of digital strength and preferred working style, to inform the interview conversation.

Digital Competency Profile

A new model for recruiting?

Traditionally, HR decision makers and hiring managers develop a clear role profile for the vacant position and assess candidates against this.

But what if we looked at this differently and turned the situation on its head - inviting anyone to apply, regardless of the vacancy?

Certainly to do this effectively, we'd need more specific information about each applicant; the type of information that is readily available via their social media presence and their browser history. That is, their digital footprint. 

Would candidates agree to using their digital footprint?

We think so, yes, for two reasons. Firstly because of the report you could then offer based on what you have uncovered from their publicly-available data. Secondly, because you could use all of the information you have about your candidates to proactively suggest which of your roles they should apply to. You could then invite open applications to your organisation and direct people to roles and career paths that would suit their strengths and let them choose whether or not they want to apply for one or more of these.

Making the effort to match your roles to your candidates in this way has two key benefits: it helps you to engage and keep good candidates and it can aid retention. 

Did you know? Digital competence is not related to age.

Digital competence is a preference of working by way of technology. And, while there is often an an assumption that younger people are better suited to digital working, this is not necessarily the case. They may be more familiar with technology, the tools and the ways of working, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll use them effectively to interact and communicate. To discover those who are digitally competent, you'll need to assess these very specific behaviours, attitudes and skills.

“Digital competence is the attitude and ability that enables employees to embrace technology, collaborate with others and work effectively in the modern, digital environment." Diego Martinez, cut-e.

Discover how recruiting those with the attitude, motivation and personality to make the very best use of technologies available in their working practices will help build a digitally competent and progressive workforce to meet future challenges.

The new strategic priority

HR Headquarters - 24th July 2017, UK 

"Achieving 'digital competence' is becoming a strategic priority for almost every organisation. But few companies are really equipped to prosper." says David Barrett, Chief Operating Officer, cut-e.

Read this article in which David defines the three key issues that need to be addressed before digital skills can be fully embedded in an organisation.

Hiring the digitally competent - and the role of the Digital Ninja

Recognising the need to speed up the identification and hire of the best digital talent for its business, Vodafone Iberia redesigned its attraction and recruitment process, cutting time-to-hire by 30%.

It also applied the cut-e Digital Competency Profile so that it could identify those current employees with advanced digital competence who could reverse mentor the senior leaders in the business needing to keep abreast of real-world customer product usage. The role of the Digital Ninja was created. 

Read the full case study

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