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Attracting talent is one thing. But typically you don’t need more people applying for roles if they are just not suitable for, or motivated to do, the job.

What you need is the ability to present a realistic view of the role, what is required and how it plays out – and then for the potential applicant to actively choose to apply, or to move on. 

cut-e clients: pre-application testing

A realistic view of a job to let candidates decide

Recruitment and hiring is becoming more candidate-centric. It matters to applicants where they work and what the culture is like. We work with organisations across sectors to develop Realistic Job Previews. These provide an interactive, fun and honest view of the job role being considered. Engaging and delivered to a smartphone, tablet or desktop, they provide a great way for potential applicants to find out if they are suited to the roles at your organisation or within your industry as they look at the skills, values and personality characteristics needed. Together we will create typical on-the-job scenarios and feedback, based on the responses by the potential applicant, is instant and will help him or her to decide to continue with an application.

It helps applicants to self-select in – and out meaning that you only get applicants who have a realistic view of the job and understand what is needed. 

Siemens: Providing orientation for school leavers

Perhaps you have a range of courses or programmes on offer and you want to help your applicants select the most suited to their skills, capabilities and interests. We can help design and implement a series of tools to look at the specific abilities, interests and motivations, packaged together for the potential applicant to work through. 

The result is direct feedback as to the courses or programmes or traineeships you offer which are most likely to fit the person’s profile. This helps not only the applicant to make the right choice, but helps you to improve the likely successful completion of training and reduce drop-out rates. Mobile optimised, it also helps brand the organisation as innovative and cutting edge.

Online job-matching – accessing talent which isn't even searching for new challenges

Employers need to move beyond the traditional advertising to job seekers model of finding talent and to reach those passive employees who are ready to move but not actively searching for a job. At cut-e we know how to handle this challenge.

New job matching tools from cut-e match the skills, qualifications, background of people to the requirements of a specific job – and with a one-off entering of data, potential applicants can then see a range of currently advertised posts which match their competencies and decide whether to apply. We need to look at enabling potential employees to understand how their competencies fit with those for which an organisation is looking – even if he or she is not yet searching for a new role.

cut-e has worked with a number of organisations to develop online job-matching systems in which users interact with various online tools entering information about themselves, and, if appropriate, completing tests and questionnaires. As a result, they are given appropriate job or career suggestions – and, in some instances, links through to specific job adverts. If a job is of interest, a one-click application can be built in to fast track the application process.

In adopting such an approach, employers are able to reach non-job seeking, talented applicants and, furthermore applicants are able to view the many roles for which they are suited.

Candidate Experience - Why it becomes increasingly important

How do candidates feel about a company's application process? Would they apply again? Would they recommend their friends to apply as well? Do they still want to buy products from the company who turned them down?

We've put together the eight essential that ensure job applicants have a great recruitment experience.

Attract talent using online gaming approaches

The growth of online games is well documented – and quite simply people enjoy playing games on their mobile devices. We can help you harness this enthusiasm by working with you to develop your own game, or fun and realistic job preview which you can then use to engage with potential applicants. It’ll support your own positioning if you’re forward-thinking and innovative, and will be memorable to you applicants – of course many of whom may also be your customers.

Taking this further, you may also think about using game-based psychometric assessments as part of your selection tools. 

Pre-application testing: a new trend, here to stay

Our latest Global Assessment Barometer highlighted the growth in the need to attract and engage with those with the best fit to an organisation very early on in a job search or career plan. As such there is an upward trend of investing in pre-application tools to bolster this engagement. Now, 1 in 5 organisations make use of Realistic Job Previews, game-based attraction tools are on the up and there is significant spend on supporting career or training choice. 

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