Training courses

cut-e offers comprehensive training in all our products and related issues. The training courses take place either at cut-eoffices or in-house. Our programmes can be purpose-designed for the needs and goals of your organisation.

At cut-e we believe in reducing the barriers to using our assessment products. In most countries there is no formal requirement for training before you can use the cut-e products. They are designed to be user-friendly and ready to use. The results are also clearly understood.

Nevertheless we are often asked for guidance about more advanced usage, how our products compare to other products on the market (conversion courses) or guidance about the process in which the products are embedded e.g. a 360 degree feedback process or a pre-selection and selection process. We frequently conduct both open courses and specifically designed in-house courses ranging from product user training and skills training to process guidance.

User training: Introduction to ability and personality assessment

Ability and personality assessment products are ever more widely in use. This course is for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of:

Key contents and learnings

  • How do I identify what someone needs to be successful in a job?
  • How can I use assessment products to get the relevant information?
  • Personality questionnaires and ability tests and how they work.
  • What are important quality criteria when selecting assessment products?
  • How safe and cheat-proof is online assessment?
  • How do I give feedback about the results?

Our experienced consultants take you through these issues with concrete examples. Prior to the course you complete both personality questionnaires and ability tests and then practice giving feedback and interpreting to consolidate your learning.

Who should attend
This course is particularly suitable to anyone working in HR, using assessment products in their selection or consultants or advisors who want to improve their understanding of personality and ability assessment.

Skills course: Competency based interviewing

Competency based structured interviewing is the most effective and objective way of interviewing. And can be beneficially used by HR professionals as well as line managers who are involved in selecting their staff – often at final stage.

Key contents and learnings

  • What is a competency and what value do they add to the interview?  
  • How do I compare and evaluate interview evidence objectively?
  • How do I ensure recruitment is in line with organisational competencies?

Key benefits

  • You enhance your existing interviewing skills
  • You practice skills on ‘real’ candidates
  • You improve your hire success rates

Who should attend
Our experienced consultants provide the relevant theoretical background combined with the practical application of competency based interviewing to answer to above questions. This course is suitable for HR professionals and line managers who are keen to improve their interviewing skills.  In particular in course is of interest to professionals who are keen to relate their interviewing more strongly to the organisation’s competencies.

360 degree feedback in development

We work with you to develop a course which suits your requirements and answers your questions and addresses your issues. We are regularly asked for guidance and input in the following areas:

  • Uses and objectives of 360 degree feedback
  • Key dos and don’ts of setting up a 360 degree feedback process
  • Facilitating feedback and coaching around the resulting development areas
  • Choice of competencies to be used in a 360 degree feedback process
  • How to best set up the questionnaire to get differentiated results
  • How to run the process best to get maximum participation

We have a lot of experience running highly tailored and successful 360 degree feedback processes for and with our clients.

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