Speakers and Presentations

Gabrielle Ödhammar & Emil Adén, Nordea

‘Attracting and recruiting top talent in the financial industry’

Gabrielle Ödhammar is currently working as Concept Owner for Recruitment and Emil Adén is working as Management Partner in People Relations at Nordea. Gabrielle has a background from various consulting firms as well as operational and strategic Human Resources work and Emil  is a former Head of Employer Branding Sweden at Nordea. They describe the challenges, solutions and experiences in hiring graduates to Nordea, the largest bank in northern Europe.

Espen Skorstad, cut-e an Aon company

‘The dark side of leadership: Narcissists and how to prevent them from getting hired’

Espen Skorstad, Chief Commercial Officer Europe at cut‑e, analyses the key criteria describing narcissistic leadership and what can be done in the selection process to prevent them from leadership positions in banking, finance, fin tech and insurance sectors.

Andreas Melcher, Credit Suisse

'The benefits of assessment at Credit Suisse'

Andreas Melcher, Head Assessment and Selection at Credit Suisse describes the results of their latest case study investigating the benefits of assessment at Credit Suisse. He shows the success of linking psychometric assessment results to performance and diversity. Credit Suisse collected large amounts of data and turned it into smart data. The case study then showed that cognitive ability and personality testing improve the quality of the people they hire.

Sadie Percell, Aon Hewitt

‘Understanding and comparing job roles’

Research indicates that assessment is increasingly important in high complex roles. But how can we determine the complexity of a certain job? Sadie Percell is a senior consultant at Aon Hewitt with a degree from Stockholm School of Economics. Aon Hewitt are specialists in job evaluation and have vast experience in analysing different roles in the banking and finance sector. Sadie will present a framework for understanding and comparing job roles, with a particular focus on the financial sector.

Kajsa Asplund, Stockholm School of Economics

’Talent management within the Banking and Finance field’

Kajsa Asplund is a psychologist and researcher at Stockholm School of Economics, specializing in Talent Management. In her talk, she will share insights from her research on how organizations within Banking and Finance define and identify talent and high-potentials, and what the implications are for outcomes such as diversity, loyalty, and work engagement. Based on this, she will also address some of the key strengths and challenges ahead for talent provision within the Finance industry.

Terence Perrin, BNP Paribas

'What can Netflix teach us about graduate development programmes?'

Terence Perrin is a subject matter expert in talent management. He currently focuses on resourcing, development and mobility for early careers and experienced hires at BNP Paribas in addition to global talent management projects for the bank.
Terence will uncover how insights from research coupled with emerging views from behavioural sciences allow BNP Paribas to deliver engaging and effective training for graduates, no matter where they are based. He will also explore the power of data, the importance of stakeholders and the need to think scientifically about training and development.


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