The cut-e Christmas Decoration challenge

Play our Christmas Decoration challenge and get ready for Christmas!

Season's greeting from all at the Global Operations Centre

To help demystify what actually happens at the Operations Centre, we have created a short video to demonstrate just how busy we all are in the month of December!

We hope you enjoy and we wish you all a wonderful time over the holidays and wishing you all a great and happy 2018.

Greetings from the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we hope and pray every year for a white Christmas, but unfortunately it is always grey and rainy.

For us Christmas means coming together with friends and family to unpack Christmas gifts, having dinner and listening to Christmas songs.

We wish everyone a lovely Christmas and all the for best for 2018!

The shapes dance from cut-e Italy

cut-e Italy performs the shapes dance.

We wish you a very merry Christmas!

Greetings from the Dublin Bunch

Everyone loves spending time with loved ones, especially at Christmas. But what if your colleagues become kind of family? Don’t miss the video and find out how cut-e Ireland decorates a Christmas tree with lots of wishes to build a great team for 2018!

We wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season, much success in the new year and laughs, lots of laughs! Sláinte!

cut-e France wishes you a happy Christmas!

In the Paris office, we are all looking forward to eating some delicious French meals like foie gras, oysters and turkeys.

Meanwhile we send you lots of snow flakes!

Enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Joyeux Noël!

Greetings from Finland

6th of December is Finnish independence day. This year Finland will celebrate it's 100th birthday.

Happy birthday to us!

Every year the president holds an independence day reception. Noteworthy Finns are invited, among them Santa Clause and Mrs. Santa, Finland's most noteworthy ambassadors of Christmas.

„Frohe Weihnachten“ from Germany

Christmas is coming! The german team is really looking forward to decorating the christmas tree with baubles, ribbons, candy canes and a lot of tinsel of course. We already practice diligently!

We wish everyone a merry christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Delicious Christmas Greetings from Switzerland

The Swiss contribution is delicious!

Find out in this recipe how to make Taliza’s Apple Pie and try it at home, too.

Greetings from the Czech Republic

One of the customs in Czech Republic is to hide a carp scale under each plate in order to keep the wealth for the next year. Another custom is preparing one more plate for an occasional traveler who could stop by. Or the custom of putting the nutshells with small candles to the bowl filled with water. Each “boat” symbolize the life way of it´s owner. Cutting of an apple and discovering if there is the star inside – which means good luck – or not, is another Christmas tradition. We wish you many apple stars, long lasting floating candles, lot of love, joy, health, happiness and VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

God Jul from cut-e Sweden!

In Sweden we like to eat a lot of different fishes, drink Akvavit and sing Swedish Christmas songs. We could tell you a lot about Swedish Christmas traditions, but we think it's best and most objectively described by an American actor.

Click here to hear Will Ferrell explain Christmas traditions in Sweden.

Greetings from China

Shanghai certainly isn't a traditional Christmas destination, but a growing number of Chinese celebrate on Christmas Eve by eating Christmas dinners, going to mid-night mass and exchanging Christmas cards or small gifts with close friends. Shopping sprees take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as many attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls offer big discounts, making Shanghai a popular Christmas destination in China!

Greetings from the UK

In the UK, we celebrate the holidays by visiting Christmas markets, singing carols and spending time with loved ones.

We wish everyone an exciting and happy festive season and a wonderful 2018 ahead!

Greetings from Lithuania

Christmas Eve, or Kūčios (pronounced as koo-chios), in Lithuania is an exceptionally family-orientated celebration. Traditionally, 12 meatless, eggless, dairy-free dishes are to be served (symbolizing 12 months of the year). The most popular dishes include fish, vegetables, mushrooms, dried and fresh fruits, small bread biscuits (kūčiukai) and poppy seed milk. During the evening, everyone must have at least some of each. And no alcoholic beverages are served.

The night of Christmas Eve is believed to be a time of true magic. Traditionally, Lithuanians believed that animals could talk on that particular night, and it is possible to predict many things: one’s future; the length of life; the possibility of marriage, fortune and so on. Merry Christmas!

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