cut-e is at the cutting edge of Online Assessment

cut-e is at the cutting edge of Online Assessment - whether desktop, tablet or mobile. We put candidates in control of their assessments. And we make sure that it is fair to everyone.

Job seekers increasingly want the convenience of mobile assessment but we need to be sure that the tests are accurate, fair and compatible with their devices.

So how mobile should mobile testing really be? What can mobile hiring strategies look like? What is the role of HTML5? How have cut-e clients chosen to meet the challenge and how cut-e helped? 

Mobile assessment: Did you know?

  • The cut-e 360 feedback questionnaires were the first to be adapted for mobile use in 2013.
  • The cut-e personality questionnaires shapes have been available for smartphone and tablet completion since 2014.
  • The cut-e interest inventory views, integrity test squares, as well as many of the Situational Judgement Questionnaires are now available for use with mobile and handheld devices.
  • The cut-e numerical and verbal ability tests scales are available for mobile use. 
  • Most importantly - clients can decide per project and per instrument whether the mobile or desktop optimised version is available to applicants. This is a key factor in ensuring fairness: applicants have the best chance of giving their best performance. 

The impact of mobile technology on assessment

Dr Achim Preuss, CO and founder of cut-e, explains in this interviews how the move to mobile assessment is impacting talent strategies. The world has moved on since the internet revolution. With 90% of all job seekers now browsing for jobs on their mobile or smart phones, it’s clear that mobile technology opens up new possibilities for assessment. How do we help clients adapt their online assessment strategy to take advantage of these possibilities? 

Going mobile at Siemens: keeping pace with the change in applicant behaviour

Siemens has taken some assessments mobile. How did it decide where to start? What criteria were defined? What were its objectives and what is the story so far?

“We know that our applicant pool is changing in terms of its use of technology and we can see that online assessment adds real value. We wanted to explore the impact of deploying the same sort of tests on smartphones. So we worked on this together with cut‑e.”

Mrs Ulrike Bittcher, SPE, Siemens Professional Education

Did you know? Assessment Barometer results show:

  • Mobile assessment has become part of the talent agenda. One in five respondents highlighted the importance of mobile capability in assessment. 
  • The fact that tools can be accessed and used on smartphones is important to more than 20% of respondents – not only when choosing a tool but also when choosing a supplier.
  • The larger the company, the more important mobile assessment becomes. 
  • International usage of some form of psychometric assessment remains stable at 60%, but usage in developing and intermediate markets is growing rapidly.

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