Strength-based assessment – what is it?

Strength-based assessment looks at the combination of what people are good at and what they enjoy doing. It focuses on the specific areas which motivate, naturally enthuse and excite candidates. 

Is this a new area of assessment? 
It’s not a different type of assessment - it offers is an alternative approach to how assessments are used and how one provides feedback to candidates.
What makes it different? 
Strength-based assessment focuses specifically on the things someone is not only good at - but also that they enjoy doing. So, different from other approaches that consider the capability and motivation aspects separately. But, to be clear, this is a difference in style and deployment of assessment rather than a fundamental shift in what we are interested in: we are still talking about problem solving, selling skills, customer focus etc., but we want to know if the person is both enthused about these areas as well as being able to do them.

Client voices

"The cut-e tests are easy to administer."Ute Wiedemann, PAUL HARTMANN

How cut-e supports strength-based assessment

cut-e has developed a specific strength-based Interview Guide to be used alongside its shapes personality assessment. In this, strength-based question prompts are given for the interviewer to use.  It takes the responses from the shapesquestionnaire, compares the profile of the likely strengths against those strengths that are required for success in the job and then offers interview questions to validate these.

More candidate- employee-centric feedback interview

Strength-based assessment looks at the natural motivation and excitement for specific areas. Candidates are more engaged with and positive about the interview as their plus-points are highlighted 

Offers an additional approach to complement talent assessment

Leading organisations now adopt a blended approach to their talent assessment that leverages the advantages of a strength-based approach in how assessment is deployed, but also uses other approaches and techniques. We are able to offer clients a range of assessments and specific interview guides.

Article: Want to know more about strength-based assessment?

Howard Grosvenor, Director of Professional Services at cut-e UK, offers an insight into how strength-based assessment can be used.

He explains how strength-based assessment changes the way we assess, but why it does not change the fundamental nature of what we assess.

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