The optimum solution for each HR challenge

cut-e provides solutions to HR challenges. We really listen to our clients to fully understand the issue and the context. Then we cut to the core of the problem with the best and most innovative solution.

We have listed the most frequent challenges clients approach us with: how to identify what really makes a difference, how to measure that and how to evaluate or develop these competencies. Some similarities – yet each case is individual and has its own specific issues, challenges and timelines.

At cut-e we have years of experience in advising on and implementing projects and processes all around Online Assessment and measurement. Collecting and evaluating data, presenting it for management and team buy-in and supporting our business partner in where you want to go: that is what makes us a preferred partner.

"The test results give us valuable information about our applicants and are much more meaningful than grades."Thomas Buller-Hermann,
Dortmund Energy and Waterworks

Specifying job requirements

How to take out the pain of specifying job requirements in order to provide a better basis for HR decision?

cut-e enables you to do hassle free and accurate requirements analysis

  • Only if the requirements of a position are clearly defined, can the position be filled appropriately. However, in practice, this is often not done with enough care.
  • The online tool snap-it offers the possibility to analyse requirements of a job quickly and reliably. It identifies crucial competencies, behaviours and attitudes and generates a precise job description. The results can additionally be combined as an automated filter with the cut-e online assessment instruments in the selection process.

Efficient pre-selection

How to preselect the right candidates early in the recruitment process?

cut-e helps you save costs through efficient pre-selection of applicants

  • If you have a high number of applicants but you only can hire a few, then you need reliable information in order to separate the wheat from the chaff early in the process. cut-e provides reliable tests for e.g. pre-selection of apprentices, trainees and sales persons.
  • All instruments can be integrated in your selection process and your online recruitment system. If required, we can provide you with a complete online recruitment system

Better selection decisions

How can we make best use of online assessments to improve selection decisions?

cut-e helps you make safer decisions in HR selection and development

  • Placing the wrong person on a key position can be a very expensive mistake. Yet it is easy to avoid bad hiring decisions. As research has shown, you get the best return on investment with modern selection methods.
  • cut-e provides you with highly innovative, scientifically validated psychometric instruments. All products are web-based and do not require any cost intensive IT environments. Our solutions are tailored to your diagnostic questions and are delivered in your corporate identity, if desired.

Improving sales performance

How can we improve our sales force and focus on the areas that will make the most difference?

cut-e helps you identify and develop what matters to make your sales people succeed

  • Sales people are successful if they show the correct behaviour and attitude in each phase of the sales process. The cut-e sales development system supports them by detecting weaknesses in the sales process and to improve the sales success by specific development tips.
  • The sales development system is based on the sales cycle which describes the 8 fundamental phases of a sales process. Based on the results reliable selection decisions can be made and concrete development plans can be agreed. The sales development system does not substitute the personal dialogue, but delivers an ideal basis for it.
cut-e client Allianz

Allianz: selecting the best sales people

Read how cut-e helped Allianz to select sales staff from a large pool of applicants.

  • The challenge: selecting sales staff from a large pool of applicants
  • The solution: designing a valid and tailored preselection process
  • The outcome: successful and attractive preselection via online assessment and a well-informed Interview

Efficient 360 degree feedback

How can we bring more life and value into our feedback process whilst increasing efficiency?

cut-e helps you conduct efficient multirater feedback processes with high value reports

  • Many companies have experience with multirater feedback (bottom-up feedback, 360° feedback). And most of them experience the operating expenses. cut-e offers the ideal platform in order to execute these processes quickly and free of hassle.
  • The system contains a competency based questionnaire, but can also be adapted to your competency models. Workflow and look and feel of the system can be tailored to your needs. Development oriented and interactive reports facilitate active engagement with the results and lead to realistic development plans.

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