The talent challenges of financial services

cut-e understands the very specific talent challenges facing the banking, insurance and financial services sectors. We have many years of experience in and more than 100 clients from the finance industry. 

Our consultancy services and our range of leading-edge, robust and proven psychometric assessments help our clients transform their screening, hiring and development processes.

Report: Talent trends and practices at financial services firms

How are leaders in financial services companies approaching human capital?

This survey looked beyond the areas of reward and performance and towards a more integrated talent strategy. It makes interesting reading for all those looking to address the talent needs in an ever-changing market.

We know what you want from your assessment partner

  • Assessments with proven capability in screening and selecting – as well as a ‘financial services’ look and feel
  • Evidence of value-add and business impact
  • The capability to design – and review – your talent objectives, activities and processes
  • A product portfolio of short, highly valid and powerful psychometric instruments
  • Online and mobile assessments which can be delivered unsupervised when screening out or selecting in applicants – and offer real-time data
  • A combination of business, technology and psychometric expertise
  • Range of test languages and global support
  • Evidence of successful integration with ATS and HRIS
  • A track record of working with both established companies and those in rapid growth stage
  • The commitment and credibility needed to give you the reassurance and confidence that you are working with the best in class

What are your sourcing challenges?

Do you need to

  • Be able to predict who in your applicant pool will be the high performing, great sales people for you?
  • Attract applicants who previously may not have considered you as an employer of choice?
  • Benchmark and develop essential new behaviours and competencies in your leaders and managers? 
  • Streamline your selection processes so you highlight and engage with the best talent for your business?

Our financial services expertise includes

  •     Define - or redefine - the competencies that you need to hire and develop
  •     Design an assessment route map of how to measure these competencies most effectively
  •     Propel your employer brand through customised assessments and innovative approaches
  •     Tweak the process through a pilot or trial phase to make sure of efficiency
  •     Integrate with your current ATS or HRIS system
  •     Analyse your data, create your own benchmarks and prove the value to your business
  •     Access our global and regional experience, latest trends and current research.

    Bank of Ireland on cut-e

    "At Bank of Ireland we’re dedicated to bringing in a diverse set of people and also to keeping the recruitment process as easy as possible – and we've partnered with cut-e to help us meet both of these objectives."

    Stuart Woods, Talent and Capability Manager - Early Careers at Bank of Ireland



    Crédit Agricole about cut-e

    "After two years of using the cut-e assessments, the benefits of such testing are clear. Managers now meet more qualified candidates at interview - and so see the process as faster and their time better spent."

    Christine Applanat, HRIS Project Manager at Crédit Agricole

    Allianz about cut-e

    "Collaboration with cut-e has been a complete success. We now have a better understanding of candidate's sales aptitude and likely success."

    Alexandra Thiel, Head of Recruitment at Allianz Sales Personnel Development

    Understand the characteristics that lead to high people performance in financial services

    By knowing the characteristics and attributes which make for high performance or success in your firm, you’ll be able to define your hiring strategy and work out a valid benchmark for decision-making. With this in place you can:

    • Attract financial services talent that best suits your organisation and culture
    • Spot the best applicants early in the recruitment process to focus effort on those most likely to succeed
    • Showcase your financial services brand, culture and values through your approach to assessment
    • Understand that retaining great talent has significant financial value to your firm
    • Analyse talent data to prove that those hired are delivering real value

    R+V Insurance about cut-e

    "Our priority was to have an efficient tailorable selection process to help the decision makers of our various sales divisions find the right trainees. And cut-e has implemented it perfectly.”

    Bernd Halbeisen, Head of Sales Training at R+V Insurance

    cut-e Banking and Finance Talent Summit

    cut-e hosted the first Banking and Finance Talent Summit in 2017. Delegates heard how other businesses within the financial services market tackled the talent challenges of today including talent analytics, graduate recruitment and leadership. Read about the Banking & Talent Summit 2017 in Stockholm in the press release .

    Credit Suisse about cut-e

    “We knew we could prove the value of assessment – in terms of efficiencies, better results and increased diversity through objective assessment.”

    Andreas Melcher, Head of Assessment & Selection at Credit Suisse

    Leadership for the future

    The financial services industries have changed - and those that lead the sector's firms now draw on different leadership skills and competencies. Work with cut-e to:

    • Understand the characteristics now needed of your leadership and management teams
    • Benchmark your current teams by using 360 degree feedback
    • Use the results to inform development planning and leadership programmes
    • Reassess to check on progress and development

    Sparkasse Nürnberg about cut-e

    "We were particularly impressed by the reliability and flexibility of the 360° feedback system."

    Lydwina von der Grün, Sparkasse Nürnberg

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