Assessing for the retail and hospitality sector

cut-e knows the very specific retail sector characteristics and their impact on talent decisions. We draw on our industry experience and range of cutting-edge, robust psychometric assessments to help our clients design more efficient screening, hiring and development processes.

The fast-moving, customer-driven retail industry has very specific attributes that influence talent decisions. Hiring is fast and talent teams are small, efficient, highly expert, and need to support local hiring teams to make hiring decisions. Identifying relevant skills such as service-orientation and client-facing with a direct sales and revenue impact is crucial when assessing for retail jobs. All candidates are potential customers so there is even more pressure to make them feel they have been treated fairly. Identify and engage the most suitable talent early and inform the development of future leaders in the retail sector!

Retail clients who trust cut-e

Successful recruitment of retail & hospitality staff: this is what you need

  • Assessments with proven capability in screening and selecting.
  • Evidence of value-add and business impact.
  • A reliable set of objectives, activities and processes.
  • A product portfolio of short, highly valid and powerful psychometric instruments.
  • A broad availability of test languages and global support wherever you need it.
  • A combination of business, technology and psychometric expertise.
  • Real-time assessment data for data analytics, making assessment data not only useful for screening but also for development post-hire.

Elkjop about cut-e

"I can strongly recommend cut-e as a recruiting tool. We will not hire anyone without using this in the future."

How to identify, engage and develop future sales stars:

  • Knowing what characteristics and attributes make for success in your organisation.
  • Attracting talent that best suits your organisation and culture.
  • Spotting great applicants early in the recruitment process, so you focus effort on the best people for your business.
  • Treating candidates as you would like to be treated - whether they are successful or not.
  • Aligning and communicating you brand, culture and values with your selection and development activities.
  • Recognising that keeping hold of talented people for longer has significant financial value.

Six recruitment challenges that retailers must conquer

Job seekers have always been attracted to the retail industry because it offers opportunities, variety and flexible working. However, recruiting and retaining the right staff is often tougher in retail than in other sectors because the industry has its own particular characteristics. David Barrett, cut-e CCO outlines six specific challenges that make retail recruitment so demanding - and how retailers can address them. 

Our retail and hospitality expertise - and what we can do for you

  • Define or redefine the competencies needed for your roles and map our tests and tools.
  • Customise our assessments to reflect your corporate identity.
  • Outline the process and candidate flow through the selection process.
  • Carry out pilot or trial phases to enable adjustment to the process.
  • Integrate with your current ATS or HRIS system.
  • Analyse your data and create your own internal benchmarks.
  • Share our global and regional experience, latest trends and current research.

Dubai Duty Free about cut-e

"Since adopting cut-e's online assessment tools, we've been able to save significant time and resource in identifying the right people for our company."

Luxottica about cut-e

"Introducing the cut-e assessments into the retail associate application has given us a way to identify the best applicants and to then appoint them quicker, saving time resource but also ensuring our retail outlets are fully staffed sooner."

Talent strategies to win and develop sales staff

Your talent strategy links the dots between current vacancies and applicants on the one hand and process in place on the other, to realise the potential needed to address the future direction and challenges. cut-e helps companies gain actionable insights through talent analytics and find and validate the key differentiators and indicators of future success.

Attracting the right people to work for your company can make all the difference to your business. You have your own definitions of success and you know how you operate and what reflects your brands.
To reduce dropout in the recruitment process and in the early stages of the role, many leading organisations now give potential candidates insight into the job and what they value as a company, even before candidates apply. This allows candidates to understand the role and the organisation more fully and gives them the chance to decide whether or not they are a good fit before submitting an application.

cut-e helps companies to:

  • Focus on what really makes the difference to success in your business and within specific jobs.
  • Focus on competencies and skills linked to success.
  • Build high-quality, engaged talent pools from which to recruit when needed.
  • Grow talent from within - developing internal talent pools by understanding the skills needed to identify and develop future leaders.

Burger King about cut-e

"The value of introducing cut-e's assessments into our Leadership Development Programme selection process within EMEA is clear. We are able to focus our attention on selecting only those with the best fit to our quite specific and defined characteristics."

cut-e helps maximise process efficiency in retail talent management

When working with us, you will be able to:

  • Efficiently process a high volume of applicants, screen for candidates most likely to succeed in the role and fit in with the organisation's culture.
  • Define a streamlined hiring process. One that is 'resource light' but still provides relevant information and insights to the business.
  • Set central recruitment guidelines that enable local decision-making about hires, on site and under time pressure.
  • Make fast, informed decisions leading to quality hires.

Generali about cut-e

"The fact that the cut-e process can be carried out and administered autonomously by our 350 plus field service managers helps us make good use of our HR time by focussing them on the qualitative support for managers. This makes it profitable for all parties involved."

Talk the right language

Companies need to be able to combine technology and expertise to meet the needs for the industry.

We know that:

  • The shift in applicant use of technology needs to be reflected in the recruitment process. Candidates want to use a range of online and mobile-enabled assessments, capable of being completed anywhere combined with traditional face-to-face CV drops that take place in stores, hotels, etc.
  • Applicants need to understand the role they are applying for. Customisable and adaptable tools such as Situational Judgement Questionnaires and Realistic Job Previews are excellent tools to educate candidates on the company and role.
  • Both successful and unsuccessful applicants can be customers of your organisation, as such all candidates need to have an excellent user experience and take away a positive impression of the company.

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