cut-e has a proven track record working with airlines

cut-e has a proven track record working with some of the world’s largest and most respected aviation companies across all areas of their business. Whether with ground staff, flight analysts, cabin crew, apprentices, pilots or head office staff, cut-e has expertise in running efficient and effective recruitment processes.

There is increasing pressure to attract and recruit the best people into the aviation industry whilst simultaneously reducing costs and time-to-hire. Companies need both proven and sustainable recruitment processes and selection tools that work across disparate geographies, in multiple languages, online and can be supported by a relatively small in-house recruitment team. But a solid attraction, recruitment and engagement process is more than just the tools you choose to deploy.

Aviation clients who use cut-e


"cut-e is undoubtedly the online assessment supplier that best suits our needs: a smart approach, effective, always on hand to help and quick to respond. Because of this, we regularly use their tools and have extended our use across the roles in our business."

Giuliano Di Stefano, Head of Recruiting and Selection at Alitalia

Selecting the best pilots

The white paper 'The predictive power of assessment for pilot selection' explains how airline recruiters can now select pilots by predicting which candidates will safely and successfully fulfil the different requirements of the role.

As well as the practical skills required to fly an aircraft, the paper highlights that pilots need specific interactive, operational and motivational competencies to be safe and successful. 

What you need for your aviation assessment

  • A range of customisable and adaptable tools for more specialist roles such as air traffic controllers and pilots and the more generalist roles such as call centre or sales assistants – but all with an ‘aviation look and feel’
  • Online and mobile assessments which can be delivered unsupervised when screening out or selecting in applicants
  • Broad language availability of tools and global support when you need it
  • A supplier with a track record to make this happen and the commitment and credibility to give you reassurance and confidence that you are working with the best in class – and that it has worked with both established companies and those in rapid growth stage
  • Proven integration with ATS and HRI

Why airlines should perform psychological assessments of pilots and cabin crew

In the aftermath of the 2015 incident involving Germanwings Flight 9525, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) proposed new safety recommendations for pilots and cabin crew. This brochure helps you to better understand EASA’s proposals and their implications.

How airlines can predict success when recruiting flight crew

cut-e has undertaken a pioneering research study to identify the specific competencies and behaviours that airline captains, first officers and cadets need to successfully undertake their jobs.

Nora Nienhaus, Research Consultant and co-author of the study, explains why it was undertaken, the main findings and the benefits that these insights offer for airline recruiters.

Our aviation assessment expertise – and what we can do for you

  • Define or refine the competencies for your roles
  • Map our tests and tools onto your roles and, where needed, propose alternative assessments – and create your own tools
  • Customise our assessments so your own corporate identity is reflected
  • Outline the process, and candidate flow through the selection process looking at screening cut off points and expected numbers through to the later stages
  • Carry out pilot or trial phases to enable adjustment to the process – and to demonstrate the efficacy of the approach
  • Integrate with your current ATS or HRIS system
  • Review the process and whether this is giving you the benefits you expect and require
  • Analyse your data and create your own internal benchmarks – as well as providing access to all our normative data sets
  • Support you as you report on your process to your senior management team or Board
  • Share latest trends, our observations and current research thinking which is shaping assessment.

easyJet: Achieving return on investment through Online Assessment

Achieving process efficiency, quality of hire and return on investment through Online Assessment. David Barrett, CCO cut-e, speaks about how to maximise ROI and presents the optimised talent strategy for cabin crew, pilots and graduates at easyJet.

cut-e Global Aviation Talent Summit

cut-e ran the second global Aviation Talent Summit in October 2016. The summit was sponsored by Etihad. It was two days of great presentations, networking and case studies.

Here are some useful links:

Aer Lingus about cut-e

“The Airline Industry is extremely competitive and challenging and Aer Lingus have partnered with cut-e to objectively recruit the right pilots and cabin crew, those who can drive our business forward. Video Interviews allow us to shortlist the candidates with the desired determination and motivation and progress them to the next stage of the recruitment process. Another key benefit is that through this fun and innovative experience, we are able to assess a wider pool of candidates than in a traditional face to face approach.”

Linda Byrne, Recruitment Specialist at Aer Lingus

Dubai Duty Free about cut-e

"Since adopting cut-e's online assessment tools, we've been able to save significant time and resource in identifying the right people for our company."

easyJet about cut-e

”We developed a situational judgement questionnaire with cut-e in conjunction with our high-performing cabin crew members, and this now provides us with a great assessment of success within our easyJet cabin crew culture."

Finnair about cut-e

”cut-e tools have helped us in making our pilot and cabin crew recruitments more structured and accurate, with tailored competency models and state-of-the-art online psychometrics.”

FlyDubai about cut-e

”Our quality of hires has increased, our time to hire has reduced and our conversion rate of those attending assessment centres has improved. We could not have done this without cut-e's help and tools.”

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