What is your service center staffing challenge?

Do you need to:

  • Be able to predict who, in your applicant pool, will be the best agent and high performer for your customer service center?
  • Make sure applicants know realistically what the role of a customer service agent entails?
  • Increase client satisfaction, call handling rates, sales figures or other KPIs?
  • Get your best customer service respresentatives to stay longer with the business?
  • Make your hiring process more efficient saving hiring manager time and costs?

If you're thinking about any of these right now and want to see how we can help, get in touch for an initial exploratory call.

Hiring top talent for your customer support

Competition is fierce in today's market. To stay in the game, companies must shift their focus from customer satisfaction to building loyalty and hiring the best Customer Care Representatives for their front line.

REPeValuator is the only online selection, certification and training solution that can accurately fill your sales and service positions.


Recruiting special agents for contact centres: Download guide

In no other sector an annual attrition rate of 43% is accepted - only in the global call centre industry. To assisst HR experts we have put together this guide in which you will find five steps to help identify, select and retain talented customer service center agents. Further you will get an answer to the question how you can save time and resources in recruiting contact centre representatives.

Finding the right hires for your customer service

Bad hires - or those that leave the business too soon - is a key challenge when it comes to contact centre recruitment. The most common reason for early leaving is a poor understanding of the job and its demands by the call centre agent.

How can you share what it is really like working in your role in your company with potential applicants?

Realistic Job Previews give potential applicants a clear insight into the role in your specific business. It can encourage the right people to apply, and discourage those who are not likely to stay or do well with you. 

Olympus on cut-e

"This is real added value, particularly in the battle to win the best salesmen and women, and especially in terms of the complex products that Olympus carries!“

Hire successful customer service agents who 'match' the jobs needs

The most common reason for people leaving a contact centre role is a poor person-job match.

But you can predict how well an applicant will 'fit' with your specific job role.

We do this for our clients across all industries including those hiring call centre agents. We work with them to define scientifically what makes for success based on the current high performers in post, and then build a hiring process to assess for these characteristics.

Can you predict which personality traits are critical to sales success in your organisation?

Top performers in sales roles can sell over 10 times more than low performers, according to a new study by assessment specialist cut-e. The question is: what makes a top performer and can you spot them in your applicant pool?

cut-e claims that the personality traits of top performers in any organisation can be analysed and the results can be used to identify, engage and recruit people with the highest sales potential.

Luxottica on cut-e

"We can filter applications by 'fit score' to Sunglass Hut, rather than screen through every response or application. It ensures we are not missing great people."

Predict who will stay with you beyond the time-to-competence

You want to hire only those people who will stay beyond the time it takes to train and on-board - and for them to reach competence and add value.

Knowing who is likely to fit with your business and the way in which you operate helps. You also need a hiring process that identifies those that have, and have not, got what it takes.

It is likely to be a process that screens out those that fall short of basic qualifications to work, or includes short video recordings so you can see how applicants present themselves, as well as online ability and personality tools.

localsearch on cut-e

"We identified the personality characteristics that bring sales success in our business and we amended our recruitment process accordingly. Our high performers now contribute to the business much faster."

Our expertise in the contact centre industry – and what we can do for you

  • Define - or refine - the competencies you need in your people for them to be successful in your business
  • Map our tests and tools onto your roles and, if desired, develop new versions of tools such as Situational Judgement Tests to reflect the scenarios faced in your company
  • Customise our assessments so your own corporate identity is reflected
  • Outline the process, and candidate flow through the selection process looking at screening cut off points and expected numbers through to the later stages
  • Carry out pilot or trial phases to enable adjustment to the process – and to demonstrate the efficacy of the approach
  • Integrate with your current ATS or HRIS system if needed
  • Review the process and whether this is giving you the benefits you expect and require
  • Analyse your data and create your own internal benchmarks – as well as providing access to all our normative data sets
  • Support you as you report on your process to your senior management team or Board
  • Share latest trends, our observations and current thinking which is shaping assessment across the market

Need help with attracting, engaging, assessing, recruiting, measuring performance?

cut-e is your partner with

  • knowledge and know-how to find out which characteristics and skills are needed in your business for your contact centre agents to be successful
  • many years of practical expertise to map those attributes against robust, scientific and proven ways to identify and assess them
  • the ability to customise and adapt the assessment tools to reflect your values, culture and real-world working scenarios
  • online and mobile assessments that can be delivered unsupervised when screening out - or selecting in - applicants
  • with a track record to deliver such projects which has the commitment and credibility to reassure you that you're working with the best in class – and that it's worked with both established companies and those in rapid growth stage
  • many years of experience in integrating with ATS and HRI

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