Identify and develop what makes for sales success

What makes for sales success in one business is different from another. You will want people with the proven behaviours and characteristics that lead to high sales performance in your business – and those that reflect your brand, know your product and are motivated by your company.

Do you know precisely what you need to look for and nurture in your sales people to increase your sales force effectiveness? If not, we can help – just as we’ve helped others to do this.

Improving sales performance

How can we improve our sales force and focus on the areas that will make the most difference?

cut-e helps you identify and develop what matters to make your sales people succeed

  • Sales people are successful if they show the correct behaviour and attitude in each phase of the sales process. Our cut-e sales development system supports them by detecting weaknesses in the sales process and to improve the sales success by specific development tips.
  • The sales development system is based on the sales cycle which describes the 8 fundamental phases of a sales process. Based on the results reliable selection decisions can be made and concrete development plans can be agreed. The sales development system does not substitute the personal dialogue, but delivers an ideal basis for it.

Measuring sales force effectiveness with assessment tools

Sales success can be predicted from a person’s ability, personality, drive and how they handle situations.
Most sales and client service roles require a certain amount of ability – and identifying which abilities is part of the initial project set up. Situational Judgement tools which give an insight into how a person thinks and reacts in different scenarios give a clear indication of fit between a job role and an applicant.

But the key success differentiator is often related to personality or behavioural characteristics and the drive or motivations. Spotting which are the most important characteristics is what we do – and our personality measures are adapted to make sure you get the right information, in the shortest time possible.

You can learn more about our tools, in our product finder.

Clients who improved their sales performance

Dell: Increased sales revenue and profit

Witnessed an increase in revenue of 36% and an increase in profit of 42% after introducing cut-e behavioural styles assessment and a risk management interview with new sales hires.

Knowing what makes your sales people good, and recruiting against that, makes perhaps the single biggest impact on the bottom line. Do you know what makes for success in your business? Is your business changing and you need different skills or profiles? What impact would there be on your business if you could turn your bottom performers into average performers? Or recruit just a few more sales stars? 

Working with you, cut-e can identify what makes the difference, what great looks like and develop success profiles on which to base the recruitment strategy. We can then help you formulate and set up the selection steps and processes that you can take candidates through that will get the best people to grow your bottom line. Key results: you will know what makes for success and be able to see the direct impact a change in recruitment profiles will bring.


Allianz: Selecting the best sales people

Faced with a large pool of applicants, Allianz worked with cut-e to design a valid, online and customised pre-selection process to measure sales potential in its candidates.
The result was an engaging online assessment and results to inform the interview.

Volkswagen: Recruiting great sales people

Recruited high performing salespeople by using a bespoke memory test.
Short-term memory has a high correlation with sales performance for shop floor sales people. Adapting the scales-fan short-term memory test by including faces and names of different VW car models makes, the test had a high face validity with applicants, was on brand and appealed to enthusiasts with the right skills.

shapes sales: personality questionnaire for sales roles

cut-e Work-related Behavior

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What does this assessment measure?

Identifies work-based personality characteristics for those in sales roles or with direct customer contact.

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with 3 statements per page and must allocate up to 6 points across these to reflect the extent to which he or she agrees with each statement. The questionnaire is based on 24 scales, each with 6 items and has been developed using adaptive techniques. This means that statements are presented together based on the responses to earlier items by the individual. shapes sales is based on the shapes management tool with a combination of some primary scalesand the inclusion of some views scales.

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Measuring multi-tasking capability

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