How to identify and win best-fit apprentices

Are you able to quickly and reliably identify the best trainees applying to your organisation? Do you only select a handful of candidates from hundreds of applicants every year? Do you want a cutting-edge yet affordable selection process? 

Whatever your questions or challenges when it comes to selecting trainees or apprentices: cut-e enables you to find the best candidates. The earlier in the selection process you identify the required talent and abilities, the earlier you can focus on the best people. This allows you to fill the positions with candidates who are going to add value to your business - hopefully far beyond their traineeship / apprenticeship, as valuable experts and managers of the future. Even candidates you cannot accept, take away a positive impression of your company having been through a transparent, fair and cutting edge selection process. 

Clients who trust in cut-e for the assessment of apprentices and trainees

What is trainee and apprentice assessment?

Trainee and apprentice assessments measure how likely a candidate is to complete a training or apprentice programme successfully and progress through the company. Typically, areas of interest, reasoning abilities and personality or competency characteristics are assessed together with the fit of these with those seen as important by the organisation. Job preview or insight is often also included.

cut-e aptitude tests for (pre-)selection

For years, research has shown that aptitude tests predict long-term career success. There are few other instruments that offer so much value for the decision making process with a comparable amount of effort.

scales aptitude tests are developed by cut-e making best use of web technology and are designed in such a way that reliable, decentralised execution is possible without the need for a test supervisor to be present. This means that all tests are online and can be used to identify potential and are particularly suitable for efficient pre-selection as part of the online recruitment process.

The following abilities are captured by cut-e aptitude tests:

  • Mathematical thinking, numeracy;
  • Verbal ability;
  • Deductive reasoning, recognition of norms Learning efficiency;
  • Multi-tasking ability;
  • Short-term memory;
  • Spatial thinking;
  • Mechanical and technical understanding;
  • English and German fluency

Using apprentices to develop a more diverse workforce

Read how apprenticeship programmes help develop a more diverse workforce and bring talent into the business earlier. Covering attraction, assessment and development of apprenticeships, the paper concludes with the blockers and enablers to creating a more diverse workforce through apprenticeships. The paper includes a case study of how Siemens has successfully learned to understand its applicant pool and what that means for one of the largest providers of apprenticeship schemes in Europe.

Webinar: The sorcery of apprenticeships

Suzanne Courtney, Senior Consultant at cut-e UK, presents on how to attract, assess and develop apprentice candidates.

This webinar includes examples of how cut-e has helped apprentice recruiters make the most of their selection process, including an award-winning solution from Siemens in Germany.

About cut-e apprentice assessment tools

cut-e personality questionnaires for trainees

shapes is an online questionnaire that captures a candidate’s character traits, attitudes and motives defined as desirable for the job. The adaptive online questionnaire can be completed in 10 minutes and provides a reliable basis for making selection decisions.

Situational Judgement tests for apprentices and trainees

chatAssess is a psychometric communications assessment in the style of an instant messenger. This helps to make it attractive, engaging and realistic to millennials and early career candidates by providing a conversational interaction in a familiar format.

Seamless integration with your HR / IT system

All the processes offered by cut-e can be integrated seamlessly into your existing application management, assessment or HR systems (e.g. Taleo, SAP-HR, Lumesse EasyCruit, i-GRasp, Talentlink, etc.). And of course it is all in your corporate look and feel so applicants have a seamless experience.

Tests and questionnaires: in over 40 languages

In order to guarantee consistency and fairness for candidates who are not English native speakers, our questionnaires are available in more than 40 languages. Looking for a specific language? Check the language availability of all cut‑e assessments in the product finder.

Do more for your future trainees

With the career GPS, cut-e has developed a platform that allows school leavers to find out which training programme best suits them, by means of online tests and motivation and interest questionnaires. Once the various instruments have been worked through, suitable study courses or trainee positions are shown. It doesn’t take long and it’s a lot of fun too.

Including a tailor-made career GPS on the Careers page of your website allows you to brand your company as an attractive employer, to give more exposure to specific trainee programmes or to enlarge your pool of candidates.

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