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Video interviewing has evolved to become an essential component in talent acquisition. Now that every smartphone and tablet possesses a built-in camera - and candidates are comfortable with video calling, via apps such as FaceTime and Skype - every recruitment team needs to understand that video interviews have changed: Data-driven video assessment is the future and will make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

vidAssess is cut-e's future-proofed and data-driven video assessment solution.

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Webinar: Video interviewing - everything you should know and what the future holds

Video interviews have been able to transform how HR and line managers learn about candidates. But they have their downsides. Request the recording of our special webinar and find out how video interviewing is changing to become more robust psychometrically and less biased.

This webinar explored: 

  • The advantages of video interviews
  • The dangers of video interviews and what to look out for
  • How AI and psychometrics is already changing what can be done to make video interviews more robust
  • The 12 must-haves of every video assessment platform

Free White Paper: The future of video interviewing

This white paper gives you an overview of the benefits of video assessment, best practice advice on how to set up video interviews and a checklist on choosing a provider. PLUS an insight into how Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise video assessment in the future.

Artificial Intelligence in Assessment

We have all heard that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the way we work. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, says ist impact will be more important than fire or electricity.
AI has been part of assessment since the move to unsupervised testing in the 1980s. Today, just some of the examples of AI being used in assessment are online assessments, automatic analysis of assessment results and test questions being generated by an item generator.

Read the White Paper on AI in Assessment to find out more about the role of AI in assessment, how it can be used today and how it might be used in the future.

Product features of vidAssess

Mobile optimised: The solution works on mobiles, laptops, tablets and PCs

Seamless: Delivered as an integrated solution into ATS or from our proprietary platforms

Intuitive: Easy-to-use interface and systems with clear instructions

Immersive branding: Fully branded experience, custom introduction videos for candidates and fully customisable text across platform reflective of your employer value proposition.

Psychometrically integrated: Scores and reports are automatically transferred back to the applicant tracking system. One overall score based on ability/behavioural/video interview can be configured.

Improved pre-selection: vidAssess can be used as a pre-selection tool for a specific, identified target group.

Easy set-up: vidAssess can be easily set up and added to new or existing products - all on one platform.

The benefits of video assessment

Talent analytics to support your talent strategy

We provide a holistic analysis of your entire selection process linked to wider business objectives. We help you identify appropriate hiring strategies with relevant talent analytics that will make a difference and presented in a variety of ways, ranging from dashboards to match scores, based on your needs. 

Link your video assessment with your Applicant Tracking System

cut-e seamlessly integrates assessments with all Talent Management Systems:

  • cut-e supports over 500 live integrations
  • cut-e works with over 25 integration partners
  • cut-e is a certified Oracle Gold Partner

Aer Lingus about vidAssess

“The airline industry is extremely competitive and challenging and Aer Lingus have partnered with cut-e to objectively recruit the right pilots and cabin crew, those who can drive our business forward. Video assessment by cut-e allows us to shortlist the candidates with the desired determination and motivation and progress them to the next stage of the recruitment process. Another key benefit is that through this fun and innovative experience, we are able to assess a wider pool of candidates than in a traditional face-to-face approach.”

Linda Byrne, Recruitment Specialist at Aer Lingus

Ornua about video interviews by cut-e

"Video interviews, designed, managed and reviewed by cut-e, are a key solution to build our graduate talent pipeline. Introducing video interviews into the recruitment process saves time for recruiters, provides a positive candidate experience, and helps us to better select top graduates that are more aligned to Ornua.”Fergal Roche, HR Manager at Ornua

Musgrave about video assessment by cut-e

"cut-e has been providing video interviews for our Graduate Recruitment Campaigns since 2012. The benefit of the video interview is that candidates get to tell us why they want to work with Musgrave and their passion for our industry. This fully-branded video assessment allows us to save time, fairly recruit candidates and get the best graduates on board to deliver ambitious projects within our business.”Siobháin Scanlon, Early Career Manager at Musgrave

The benefits of video assessment

1. See and hear each candidate. Video enables you to interview many more candidates early in your selection process and quickly assess their suitability for your roles.

2. Save time and costs. Sending a video interview request - and assessing the result - is quick and easy, compared with scheduling, conducting and reviewing in-person interviews.

3. Conduct structured and consistent interviews. Each candidate completes the same interview - and you benefit from standardised, job-related assessment content.  

4. Enhance the candidate experience. Video interviews help candidates to feel that they are truly being considered for the role.

5. Enhance your employer brand. Video interviewing systems can incorporate embedded introductory and closing video messages and/or can include insights into the actual job, which conveys a realistic preview of the role. This can help to engage your candidates and reinforce your employer brand.

6. Review candidates in assessor's own time. Gain the convenience of reviewing candidates in your own time.

7. Reduce the number of ‘no-shows’.

8. Increase the diversity of your applicant pool. By enabling video interviews to be conducted via a mobile device, you can reach a broader pool of applicants.

The benefits of video assessment for candidates

1. Applicants can record their answers in their own time. Their ‘interview’ is scheduled for a time that is convenient for them, so they feel in control of the process. They do not have to miss work or their own pursuits to conduct a scheduled, in-person interview. This appeals to talented, time-pressured candidates. They also save on travel time/costs and, if they are unsuccessful in their application, they can more quickly move on to other job opportunities.

2. Candidates can think through the questions. Invitees get preparation time to respond to each question. So, instead of being caught off guard, they can gather their thoughts and give their best answer. They can re-record their responses if they make a mistake.

3. Potential hires gain a sense of what the job is like. Realistic job previews can be embedded within the video interview process. This helps to ensure that only interested candidates take part - and it means that only those who feel they are a good fit for the role proceed on to the next step in your hiring process.

Checklist: How to decide on a video assessment platform or provider

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a video interviewing platform and a provider. Can you integrate it in your ATS? Is it robust and defensible? 

To help with your decision-making, we have put together a checklist and the 12 must-haves of every video assessment platform.

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